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New Member of the Phillips' Household...

This blog was originally on Myspace and was posted on June 10, 2007.

For almost the past year, Matthew and I have been searching for a playmate for Lily. Working/schooling for long hours and not having a lot of time to play with her, it made sense to us to find a companion and friend who she could wile away the lonely days with. We had searched pet store after pet store but never really fell in love with any of the puppies. My good friend Melissa had recently recommended that we take a look at the Humane Society. We had previously searched the pound and Humane Society and always came home depressed and crying (me).

I decided to take a look at the Humane Society website on Saturday June 2nd, thinking that it would be easier to view pictures than to actually tour the facility. I originally was looking for puppies but ran across someone all together different. On the very last page of the "adult" dog section I found Trudy. A female miniature schnauzer. I gave the Humane Society a…

Welcome to my Little Corner of the Internet!

I have slowly begun to realize that not everyone has Myspace. As a simple solution I have decided to create my own web page. It is my hope that this web site will grant me more freedom and personalization than before. As this website continues to grow it is my desire to rid myself of my Myspace account altogether. From now on my "blogs", personal messages, and photos will be updated here and not on Myspace.

Reasons for getting rid of Myspace:
1. I'm too old
2. Only the people I don't like want to keep in touch with me are keeping in touch with me.

You will already notice that I have uploaded pictures of my "kids". If you know me than you know my "kids" are my life. I will periodically update with pictures or stories about them as there are hundreds of each.

Mostly, this web site is for my grandparents who, God bless their hearts, take an interest in my daily life and love to be updated on my current whereabouts and stories. This web page wil…