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Trudy Loves Books

Little did I know that when we agreed to adopt an elderly, toothless dog that I would have to worry about my school books.

I hope she at least gets smarter!

This Side of Paradise

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

In addition to my self-imposed goal of reading all the literary classics, I am also taking a Literature class. My teacher assigned about a week ago for us to read "This Side of Paradise" by October 4th. I finished the book this morning and I am stunned.

What an amazing book!

Now, if you would have asked me how I liked it about half way through the book, I would have told you lousy! I had such a hard time getting started; I found it boring, slow, and pointless. Most books that I read I feel have a purpose from the beginning...there is an adventure, an adversary that needs eliminated, or a "Holy Grail" that needs to be found. This is probably because I mostly immerse myself in the science fiction genre.
This book was the exact opposite, from the beginning I had no idea why I was reading it or what the ultimate goal was. Once I finished the book I realized, that was the point.

Amory Blaine, the main character, is a privileged white boy who de…


Anyone who knows me knows that I was obsessed with the OJ Simpson trial back in the day. Imagine my surprise when those cold, murderous eyes starred back at me from the television set once again. OJ, in trouble again? NO!!
I seriously lost faith in the criminal justice system the day OJ was acquitted of murder, but I have slowly tried to regain that faith over the years. If the jury/judge doesn't throw his butt in prison for the rest of his natural life over this crime I think I might have to move to France because it just proves that America has truly lost its mind!

Here is what I know: I know he killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown and whether he paid for it than or he pays for it now, I really don't care. I just want to know that he is safely behind bars where maybe he can continue to "search for the real killer". Jerk.


School is going better now that Spanish is a distant memory. I have really been applying myself in Trig and have…

College is Full of Ups and Downs

As you already know I was taking quite a heavy course load this semester, 18 credits. These include:

Sociology 101
Spanish 101
Trigonometry 182
Chemistry 151 &
Literature 261

Today I made the decision to drop Spanish. There is so much to this story, I cannot even begin to recount the process but it was after working on (or more accurately, not working on) Trig homework last night that I realized I was stretched too thin. I couldn't handle all the homework, time, and dedication it takes to ace five classes. So instead, I will now work on acing four classes. I lost my money and spent $160 on a book that with my luck won't be used by the next time I take Spanish, but for my sanity, for my pets, and most of all for my husband, who has been watching me struggle and cry for three weeks, something had to give....and that something was Spanish.

With any luck, my website will get updated a little more often now that I have time to sleep and eat again!

Until Next Time!!