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The Chances of This Happening are Almost Zero!

I received this email this afternoon.
--------------------------------------The Graduation Committee wants to hear from you! We would like to invite you to apply for the student speaker at the 2008 Graduation Ceremony. The student commencement speaker must have already filed a graduation application, and must be receiving an associate's degree.To apply to be the student speaker:Complete the Student Commencement Speaker Application [PDF file] Gather 2 faculty signatures in support of your application Compose a short paragraph following instructions on the applicationSubmit the completed application no later than Monday, April 7, 2008.Additional information on the May 20 graduation ceremony is available online.If you have any questions please contact Melinda Franz at 206-6699 or via email at or Yolanda Gonzales at 206-4973 or via email look forward to hearing from you!-----------------------------------------

Matt says he would…

Invitation to the Board of Governors Meeting

This letter arrived two days ago inviting me to the Board of Governors meeting to be held on April 9th. I have Calculus that night but spoke to my teacher last night and he gave me the night off from school so that I can attend. He said that this was more important than Calculus...but honestly what isn't more important than Calculus?

Gift for Baby Cuadrado

As most of you know my good friend Melissa is expecting her first baby, a girl, in June. We just had her baby shower this past Saturday and when pictures are available I will try to post them to this site. Instead of purchasing a present I decided I would make something my hand. I have been working on the project below for more months than I can count and I finally finished it today. I only wish I could have finished it in time to give it to her at the party. Oh well!

Honestly, the picture doesn't do it scanner can only scan a 8 x 10 and this project is 11 x 14. I will probably try to get a better picture once it is complete. I still need to add the baby's name, height, weight, and date born to the white area -- all of which will obviously need to wait until the little bundle of joy arrives!

My next project will probably be a baby blanket for my friends Nicole and Joey who are expecting their third baby in September.

Another Letter from the U of A

This letter arrived on Friday from the U of A. I was told at the scholarship event to expect letters or phone calls from all three Arizona universities since all of them will want me to spend my scholarship tuition at their school. Congrats to the U of A for being the first to try to get my money....I guess they didn't get the memo that I already chose them!

Ad in Tucson Citizen

This arrived in the mail yesterday from Pima's District Office. It is the ad placed within the Sports section of the February 21st issue. It is identical to the one that was included in the Phoenix newspaper.

Our New, Messy House

There have been minor improvements since these pictures were taken, but not by much. I have my husband to thank for anything done around the house since I have been completely useless since we moved in. Between the scholarship stuff, catching up on school work (which I still haven't accomplished), and being under the weather, I have done nothing around the house. I am hoping Spring Break in a couple weeks will allow me to start unpacking.

What will be the Star Wars Room

The Computer Room

The Dining Room

The Living Room

The Living Room

Lily and Trudy Got New Toys

Trudy is Adorable, Retarded.

As you all know Trudy is our shelter pup, a shelter pup with no teeth. I have been telling people about this adorable thing she does with her tongue. It has taken us almost 6 months to get a picture of it but we finally caught her! Since she has no teeth there is nothing to keep her tongue in her mouth especially when she is sleeping or relaxed. I thought these pictures were so funny that they had to be shared.