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Meet Princess Allura...

Please meet Princess Allura, my new bicycle, purchased the day before school started at K-Mart. She is beautiful and fun, but most of all she is pink! Her name is Princess Allura because I am watching Voltron right now and the pilot of the blue lion wears pink. I have already gotten several compliments at school about her and she is much easier to maneuver with 25 pounds of books on my back than Matthew's 10-speed. My only complaint so far is that I have been soaking wet for the first two days of school. If I am not sweating my butt off than I am drenched with rain. I don't do well when wet! YUCK!
I am hoping to add some upgrades to Princess Allura in the near future.  Most of all I would like a basket on either the front or back that will accommodate my backpack.

The New Princess Allura

The Original Princess Allura

More details will follow regarding my first week at the U of A after my first week has concluded.  Keep an eye out this weekend.

Esophagogasroduodenoscopy Update

I heard from the doctor's office today regarding my test results.  The good news is that all my biopsies came back normal and healthy.  The bad news is that we still don't know what is wrong with me.  I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in September.  In the meantime I am still taking the pro-biotics and GERD medication.  Hopefully these will help and my doctor will have further advice when I see her.

Surgery, Work, Dogs, Sister & School

As most of you know by now, I am home safe and sound from my out-patient surgery and am doing well. Other than having the feeling for a couple days that I swallowed a golf ball, I haven't had any other side effects. My test results should be back on Tuesday and hopefully they have given the doc some iota as to what is wrong with me. In the meantime, she has prescribed me Prilosec to maintain a condition called GERD which i didn't know that I had. It is my belief that the GERD and whatever else is wrong with me are not related but if it helps than I will take it.

Next is that I have officially submitted my two week notice to my job. It is something that I desperately worried over and stressed about, wanting to make the right decision. In the end I knew what I had to do...I had to give up the job in light of school, scholarship, health, and family. My boss was absolutely amazing about it and there are already plans to try to get me back in over the summer next year. I hav…


I dare you to say that three times fast. Actually I dare you to pronounce it once correctly.

My outpatient surgery is going to take place tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. I can easily say that I am apprehensive and nervous and will just be happy to have this over with. I will call and/or write on my blog as soon as I am feeling up to it. If all goes well I should be back to normal within 2-4 hours of the procedure. Lets hope that happens! Until next time....

Our Trip to Vegas 2008

Matthew, I, and all the pets are safely home from our vacation. I am still a little tired from the events of the week, so I will simply give a brief overview of what we did and later in the week will regale you all with stories from our trip!

Star Trek: The Experience
Lunch @ Quark's
Checked into the Monte Carlo
Dinner @ the New York, New York
Watched Olympics

Lunch @ the Silverton Buffet (delicious!)
Bally's for "The Price is Right"
The Palms for the Playboy store and club
Dinner @ In & Out Burger
Watched Olympics

Relaxing morning by the pool at the Monte Carlo
Lunch @ Big Dogs
Dessert @ the Star Trek: The Experience
Rides/Museum @ Star Trek: The Experience
No Dinner....too full!
Watched Olympics

Breakfast @ Starbucks
Tix 4 Tonite (to get show tickets)
Mirage for Seigfried and Roy's baby tiger exhibit
Lunch @ La Salsa
Planet Hollywood for Popovich's Comedy Pet Theatre
Dinner @ the New York, New York
Watched Olympics

Breakfast @ Panera…

Summer School is Finally Over

Sign Language 101 and 102 are officially over. I took my last final this morning and just have a meeting with my teacher tomorrow to find out my final grade. Overall, my experience with sign language was a good one. I learned ALOT and enjoyed it for the most part. The language itself is very interesting and my teachers were nice.
The only thing I wasn't enjoying was that towards the end I found it difficult to juggle work and school. Work has been calling me in to pickup additional shifts and school was getting more stressful all at the same time. I guess this is good practice for when U of A starts in two weeks, but it has given me a good opportunity to really examine if I am going to be able to handle both. U of A is far more difficult than Pima and I will have more classes. I have a lot of thinking to do in the next couple weeks but ultimately my scholarship is what is most important.

Tucson Heat is Destructive

Due to some technical difficulties which have been resolved, the blog I tried to post a few days ago is now back up (albeit rewritten).

Matthew and I recently decided to move our master bedroom from its location to another room of the house. This came about for two reasons. First, the boys next door like to party. They like to party so much that they do it all the time. I wasn't getting any sleep and they weren't working with us. Second, the master bedroom is extremely hot. It is on the West side of the house and gets a great deal of sun exposure. We successfully moved the rooms...the master bedroom is now the computer room and the old computer room is now our master bedroom. It is working out marvelously thus far and we are glad we made the change.

The one surprising element we found in the old master bedroom was the ruined blinds. We had window covering overtop of the blinds to block the light. Little did we know that the Tucson sun could make the blinds look like …