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A Sign from the Great Beyond

Matthew and I went to a celebration at a local bar and grill last night to commemorate Joe Titone's 35th birthday. There was family, friends, beer, pool, and music, altogether a night Joe would have really enjoyed. At 5:50 PM, the exact time Joe was born, we toasted to his memory. At that same exact moment on the jukebox Jimmy Buffet's Margarittaville song came on. Joe was a huge Jimmy Buffet fan! None of us requested the song, nor did we find anyone who did. If you ask me it was Joe letting us know that he was there!!

Don't be Fooled by the Commercial...

This post is for all the women out there who read my blog, although you men should care about this too. It is in regards to this pharmaceutical called Gardasil. Gardasil apparently prevents cervical cancer and is being pushed to young girls and women as some sort of miracle vaccine.

I want to urge all of you to not get this vaccination. At least not right now!

1. Gardasil hasn't been out that long and hasn't been tested to know its long term side effects or consequences.

2. The average age of woman who are diagnosed with cervical cancer is 48, so why is the drug being pimped to young women and girls who have a very, very, very slight chance of getting it? Why not to women in the age bracket most likely to be affected?

3. Merck's agenda should be closely scrutinized as they are also trying to push legislation that would require this vaccine be given to all girls above middle school age. Again, why?

4. The vaccines (a course of 3 shots) are extremely expensive ($360), mo…

Where is My Bail-Out Mr. Obama?

There is an old saying that "knowledge is power". I am beginning to believe that knowledge leads the way to hopelessness and despair. I say this only because after listening to two weeks of Jerry Doyle (see the previous post) and getting the straight skinny on what is happening in the world of politics and our federal government...well...we ALL are so screwed.

Remember all those billions of dollars the taxpayers "agreed" to give to the banks, TARP money as it is called? Remember how that was supposed to help the common person? Remember how people were going to keep their houses and their jobs? Remember how this bail-out was going to keep kids going to college?

Well, from my vantage point in little ol' Tucson, Arizona, that isn't happening!

I just got my financial aid notice for next year. Hey, guess what, the Federal Government (with whom I get my student loans) has offered me money, but not enough to cover the outrageous tuition hike that U of A impose…

Jerry Doyle

Part of my birthday gift from hubby this year was a year subscription to the Jerry Doyle radio program. This entitles me to download his radio program to my iPod so that I can listen at my convenience, since I am NEVER in the car when he is broadcasting.

Most of you have probably never heard of him (you ubber geeks out there will remember him as Michael Garibaldi from Babylon 5), and I am guessing most of you probably won't like what he has to say, but I think he is fantastic. He says what he thinks, he pulls no punches, he cowers to no one, and he is about as politically incorrect as you can get on the radio. I love it.

I got an opportunity to listen to him speak yesterday at the Desert Diamond Casino and very much enjoyed it. I even convinced my sister and Tim to come along and they seemed to really respond to what he had to say.

If any of you run across his program (in Tucson on 104.1 FM) I urge you to give him five minutes of your time, I think you will learn a lot.

Thirty and Exhausted

I refuse to believe it has been over a month since I last posted. It feels like just yesterday. So much has happened since than.

#1, I turned thirty.
I didn't think it was much of a big deal until a week before it happened and Matthew was ribbing me about how I was going to be old now, and I broke down crying. I don't know who was more surprised, him or me. I had a great birthday with family and friends, and I must admit everyone was so wonderful to me, there was very little "over the hill" talk or greeting cards speaking of geriatrics. For that I am most grateful!

#2, I had a nervous breakdown. Not the hospitalizing kind, just the kind that prevents you from functioning like a normal human being. In hindsight this was probably exacerbated by the whole thirty thing, but mostly it was school. I 100% underestimated the toll the U of A would take on my sanity, my time, my confidence, but mostly my relationships. I honestly don't know how people do it. Every w…