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Summer Movies 2009

This summer, thus far, has been an incredibly good movie season. This is coming from the girl who never goes to the theater....ever. I will admit it, I hate the theater! I hate the kid behind me kicking my chair, the guy next to me munching on popcorn and crinkling the bag, the teenager in front of me texting on her cellphone, or the old couple 10 rows away who comment on every scene. The mere fact that these summer movies were able to lull me away from my couch and get me to sit in a huge auditorium with hundreds of other people, well that is saying something.

Movie #1: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
With all due respect to my friend Tom, I disagree with his assessment of Wolverine. I thought of the now 4 X-Men movies, this one to be the best. I enjoyed the introduction of previously unseen characters and the storyline wasn't half bad. Discovering where our favorite X-Man came from was entertaining! I will admit, however, that I am easy to please, throw something on screen that i…

Reid Park Zoo

Yesterday was a beautiful, unexpectedly cool, dreary day in Tucson, so I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. I have been wanting to go to the zoo and haven't been able to find anyone to go with me, so I decided to go on my own.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the experience. I don't typically like doing things by myself but I enjoyed going at my own pace and seeing what I wanted to see. The temperature was perfect and I went as soon as the park opened, so it wasn't packed. Most importantly, it was a trip down memory lane. My sister and I spent a lot of time at the zoo when we were little and it seemed so big back than. It hasn't changed much over the years, but it sure seems smaller now.

My only complaint was the "Disneyland" atmosphere. There were strollers everywhere and I mean everywhere! You could hardly walk without running into someones disorderly child. I recognize that the zoo is a very inexpensive option for families and that i…

Zeke: The Miniature Schnauzer

This evening Matthew and I went by the Humane Society to take a look at Zeke, a miniature schnauzer who has been there for almost a week. Zeke is an owner released dog who is about 2 years old. As you can see from the picture, he looks a lot like Lily. We took him out into the play yard and romped with him for a bit, unfortunately, he became very attached to me very quickly. He began to get angry with Matthew and tried to bite him on a number of different attempts to touch him. He also got aggressive whenever Matthew tried to touch me. It was such a very sad situation, as he was obviously abused by a man before and was very territorial. After a long and difficult discussion we decided that Zeke wasn't the right fit for our house, he just presented too much aggression and we didn't have the heart to subject our dogs to that. I know he will make a great companion for a single lady without kids, or dogs/cats, or a husband...poor little guy got a raw deal in life...I just …

Another Name Added to the List

A motorcyclist killed in an accident Sunday night on the south side was an off-duty Tucson police officer. 42-year-old Peter Mannino was hit at the intersection of Palo Verde and Benson Highway as he was going home from work at about 7:15.Investigators say he was heading south on Palo Verde when a car going north on Palo Verde turned left onto the Benson Highway and the two collided.Investigators say Mannino was wearing a helmet.Monday afternoon the Tucson Police Department officially announced the death of one of its own.The announcement was made at the Midtown Division where Mannino worked.Members of Mannino's squad listening tearfully as their commander said they all were there to express "our sorrow and to honor his memory."Mannino's friend and classmate at the police academy, Sergeant Al Guinee, said Mannino "never hesitated to put a smile on my face."Guinee said Mannino was an exceptional person.Midtown Division Commander, Captain David Neri, said, &q…

It's in the Books...

The worst semester of my academic career is officially over as of today and I couldn't be happier! This has been the longest and most difficult semester yet and although I have so much more to go, I feel very accomplished today.

Final grades are not posted yet so I don't have any final tallies for you, so I thought I would look back to my post on January 21st, where I prophesied what the semester would be like. Won't you join me? The blue text is from January, the red text from today.

The teacher is hilarious and very well educated in his field. The tests are not cumulative which gives the students the advantage but there is a 12 page paper due by April 30th. I anticipate that I will enjoy this class tremendously.This teacher wasn't just hilarious, he was absolutely brilliant! I mean literally brilliant, he graduated with his PhD before he was 21 years old. He changed my world when it comes to archaeology. Additionally, he is jus…

Garden Update

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start a vegetable garden. Since our backyard is very small and the owners will not allow us to plant anything, my vegetable garden is being grown in pots. I currently have 2 pots of radishes, 1 pot of lettuce, 2 pots of green onions, 1 pot of cucumbers, and 1 large pot of corn. Well, at least I did have corn. I went out this morning to water to find that my dogs (I suspect Trudy) had eaten all my corn plants. I was worried about pests, I didn't know I needed to be worried about the four-legged kind. Now we are on to plan to keep the dogs out of my veggies!

Baby Bird Update...but Not Really

I called the animal rehabilitation center this morning to check on the status of my baby bird. Unfortunately, the woman who runs the establishment said that she had no idea if my baby bird survived or not since she keeps all the birds together and doesn't tag them and visually cannot tell them apart.

Well that was kind of anticlimactic...

I guess I will just have to believe that he survived...

Just Another Day Trying to Save Every Animal in the World

My biology lab partner and I worked on our final experiment/lab report/presentation all last week, and during the course of collecting data, I ran across this sad, broken little bird which fell out of a Saguaro cactus near my house. I brought him home, phoned a place called "Wild Forever" where they rehabilitate wild animals and release them back into the wild. I dropped him off and gave the sanctuary some money, hoping that it was enough to temporarily get him fixed up. I haven't heard from them yet regarding his condition, but I am praying that he survived. Isn't he tiny and adorable?