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When "Mom" gets Sick the Animals Lose It

Yesterday I came home from school feeling a tad under the weather. Nothing severe...runny nose, congestion, and achy. I took some Nyquil and went to sleep early in the spare room so as to not get Hubby sick. This morning he told me that Lily discovered kitty poop for the first time, Trudy drank the soda out of my cup that I had left on the coffee table and he found Piper sitting in my lunch bag which was on the counter in the kitchen. What happened to my animals? I am out of commission for one night and they decide its going to be pure, unadulterated anarchy?!

Censorship at the UA

I am taking an anthropology course this semester which I was extremely excited to take. I had thought that we would focus on other cultures and socities from around the world.

I was half right. We have focused almost exclusively on the United States and Latin America. From my perspective this is for two reasons. #1, my professor does her research in Latin America, and therefore believes it is the most interesting place on Earth. #2, my professor is a crazy left-wing radical liberal who has an agenda and plans to implement it.

(Unlike my professor) I have proof to back up my argument. This class requires that we read an assigned book and write a 4 page critical review about said book. In my first critical review I discussed the correlations between the book and current day congresspeople. It is safe to say that my position was rather unkind. I got a 70%. My second critical review blew the book's assertions right out of the water with solid facts about the welfare system. M…

The End is Coming...

Since I am technically a senior now, I get the opportunity to register for classes before everyone else at the UA. This past Sunday, I registered for spring semester 2010 and what a pleasant surprise! I consulted the ridiculous amounts of paperwork regarding how many classes I have left and it appears I only have a total of 3 semesters left. After Spring 2010 I only need 3 more anthropology classes, 1 more biology class, and 2 sign language classes. That's it! Sometimes I actually feel like it might be over soon...

Next Semester's Schedule:

Cultural Astronomy - Cultural astronomy is an interdisciplinary field bridging anthropology, astronomy, and history. In this course we will focus on the astronomy of various people within their cultural context. We will explore some of the many ways that astronomy arises within cultures in comparison to our own culture. We will consider definitions of science and astronomy, and issues of efficacy, accuracy, and functionality. This course…

Have Things Really Gotten This Nuts?

About two weeks ago, during a class discussion in my Cultural Anthropology class, we were told that for the purposes of that class we were no longer allowed to use the term "illegal immigrant" and must use "person without papers". I have been stewing on this for weeks, trying to comprehend where my professor was coming from and why such a requirement has been issued. I have failed to see the logic...

The definition of illegal is:
prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules
The definition of immigrant is:
a person who comes to a country where they were not born in order to settle there

The term illegal immigrant is not only valid, it is also factual. It appears my professor has not only lost her objectivity, she also ceases to have a firm grasp of the English language.

Have our schools gone so nuts that we cannot even use the accurate terms to identify individuals? Has political correctness finally gone too far? Should professors be expected to remain neutral…

Kitten/Insurance Update

The four kittens that were residing at T & T's house have been placed with a foster family associated with the Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter. It was very sad to see them go, but was for the best since they needed so much attention and round the clock feeding. The foster family was extremely excited to get them as it has been a long time since a whole litter has been rescued. I am relieved that the kittens are safe and healthy, now we just have to deal with getting mama kitty spayed so we don't have this issue again.

Also, I heard from the insurance company and they have sent a formal letter to the reporting agency that Hubby was not at fault for the accident and that they should update their system to show this. It looks like it was a clerical error and not a law suit. What a relief! I should get more information on this in the coming week.