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Rest in Peace M'Bali

"An elderly African lion was euthanized Wednesday at the Reid Park Zoo, officials said.

M’Bali, one of three lions at the zoo, was put down after being examined and found to be suffering from several age related issues, the zoo said in a news release.

The zoo had been watching M’Bali for the last several years due to his advanced age and progressing arthritis, according to the press release.

M’Bali also was deaf and moving around slowly before he was euthanized.

He was 22 years old.

The average life expectancy of a lion in the wild is 15 years, while zoo lions can live into their late teens.

A necropsy was expected to be performed Thursday.

The lion came to Reid Park in the late 80s from a zoo in Germany."

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My View of the Future

I had an interesting epiphany the other day following archaeology class. In class we were discussing the moral and ethical issues surrounding the destruction of shrines in Africa by Christian zealots. Someone commented that the burning of the shrines would ensure that future generations would be oblivious to today's African religious beliefs while I, on the other hand, stated that the burning of the shrines could actually help to preserve them in the archaeological record making them available to be studied in the far future. Suddenly the girl sitting next to me swung around in her chair, starred at me intensely (and rather aggressively), and said "you are assuming that the world is going to be post-apocalyptic or something, that there won't be video and pictures?" to which I responded with a surprised tone "yeah."

As I thought back on the exchange between this young girl and myself, I realized that my view of the future of our world is much different tha…

Jury Duty

Hubby had jury duty yesterday and didn't get home until close to 6 pm. I have never stayed that late in all my life, so I wasn't surprised when he told me that he had been selected. What did surprise me was that he has been selected for an 11 day trial.

It begins today with opening statements and ends on April 30th.

He is happy to oblige and perform his civic duty, but unfortunately it couldn't have come at a worse time at work, with a roadway deadline due, also, on April 30th. He will pulling long hours at work on the days that the trial does not convene just trying to keep up.

Lily and Trudy: Update

Based on the advice of others (thanks to all of you who responded!) and long discussions with one another, Hubby and I chose to take the dogs to a new veterinarian. The experience overall was okay but I did not leave feeling as good as I usually do. The new vet (Dr. D) was kind, compassionate, and very good with both dogs but she didn't support our decision to leave some of Trudy's teeth intact since she now states that the remainder need to be pulled. I don't see much sense in telling someone what they should have done, since the decision had already been seriously contemplated and made. She is also saying that Lily needs some dental work and teeth pulled, which we are both slightly skeptical of since Lily has shown no signs of discomfort or problems. Trudy was also diagnosed with a skin condition and is on antibiotics, which again Hubby and I saw no signs of previous to taking her in. The good news is, however, that Lily's bump on her back is simply a cyst (non…

Star Trek Warehouse Sale

Almost a year and half ago, the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton closed its doors. The rumor mill has since abounded with stories of a reopening at a mall in downtown Vegas and a possible sale of items from the old exhibit.

You will never imagine my amazement when Hubby told me on Friday that it was finally happening, Propworx had been hired by CBS/Paramount to sell some of the items from the Experience AND they were doing it on Saturday April 10th. Talk about the best kept secret in Trek history, how did this not leak months ahead of time?

We both promptly sprung into geek-mode and prepared for the long trip to Vegas. So on Saturday morning at 2 am, we jumped in the truck and drove 8 hours to stand in line with 200+ fans to buy a piece of Trek history. (In case you are wondering, we drove home the same day).

There were a multitude of items available including: tables, chairs, wall panels, Borg alcoves, models, bridge pieces, gift shop hardware, costumes, and more. Of co…