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Another Ski Going to College

I went to lunch today with my little sis and while we were out we got her signed up for her first college course at the community college. She is just taking it for fun after work but I am so proud of her for making the venture into the big, bad world of higher education. A huge congratulations to her as she embarks on this new adventure!!

5th Wedding Anniversary

Today is Hubby and I's 5th wedding anniversary and as a surprise he had the wedding video, which our friends made but we have never seen, transferred from mini 8 to DVD format. We sat down and watched it this afternoon and it was wonderful! The group who attended our wedding were an interesting mix of none Star Trek people and hard core Star Trek people, so a majority of the footage is our knowledgeable friends filling our less sci-fi inclined friends in on the history of Trek. The best part, and most bittersweet, was the footage of Joe. He was so out of his element but he looked and sounded to be having a good time. I am so glad that we waited five years to watch this video, it all means so much more now in hindsight.

Lily: Update Again

Lily had her follow-up appointment today and apparently, she is still sick. She has been prescribed a third antibiotic until the culture results are back in 5 days. At that time we should know the exact bacteria and the exact antibiotic. They are also stating that they need to conduct an x-ray of her abdomen to rule out stones. After getting a second opinion from our previous vet whose private practice opened just a few short days ago, Hubby and I are weighing our options. As you can imagine we are going on 2 months and $1000.00 and we were both hoping for better news by now.

Lily: Update

Lily had her second urine analysis today which gave some confusing results. Due to this confusion, she will be going to the vet again on Monday to have urine extracted directly from her bladder and tested. Once that happens, they are going to culture the bacteria which is causing the urinary tract infection and treat with a more specific antibiotic as the broad-spectrum antibiotic is not working. In addition, we have finally decided on a prescription food and both dogs are now eating Purina Veterinary Diets: Weight Management. Although both are the appropriate weight, they need a food that is VERY low in fat content due to their high triglyceride levels.

San Diego: Day 3

The final day we were in San Diego we spent at Ocean Beach. Hubby and B rented wetsuits and boogie boarded while C, Liam, and myself enjoyed the cool sea air from the comfort of the sand. It was an overcast day and our faces were burned by the end but as I always say, if you aren't sore, crippled, and burned than it wasn't a very good vacation.

San Diego: Day 2

As a joke we picked up a baby sized Arizona t-shirt for Liam before heading out of town. Since B went to ASU it is quite common for a rivalry to ensue between us. So, after Liam awakened and his parents were busy, we quietly dressed him and brought him to the living room to play. C thought it was great, B pretended to be angry and called his son a traitor for the remainder of the day.

That morning the five of us went to the San Diego Zoo. I had forgotten how big that zoo is! We only got a small portion done in the few hours we had before heading to the bay for fireworks.
After leaving the park, we briefly went home to change before heading to the downtown/bay area in order to board the U.S.S. Midway (Part of the Maritime Museum). B was able to purchase tickets for the five of us to sit on the flight deck of the Midway and watch four separate fireworks displays.

San Diego: Day 1

B and C moved to California right after Liam was born in January but we hadn't gotten the opportunity to visit them yet. Fourth of July seemed like a fitting time, as C and Hubby both had time off. So we headed off to San Diego over the holiday weekend for an outrageously good time and amazing weather!
Coronado Beach

Introducing The Adventures of Yoda

When Hubby and I went to Disneyland I had to buy a Yoda backpack. He was both awesome and convenient! You probably remember seeing him in some of my vacation pictures. Well, it got Hubs and I to thinking. What if we took pictures of Yoda at all of the places we visit and than post them? It would not only commemorate all of the places we have been but would also be incredibly funny! So I introduce to you: The Adventures of Yoda

Most of the photos will be from our vacation trips but some will be from jaunts around town. I hope you find it as entertaining and silly as we do!

Star Trek Podium

It took me a little while to decide if we were going to bring the podium we purchased at the Las Vegas auction into the house or do the repairs first. I decided to bring it in, figuring the repairs can always be done later. For now, we can enjoy our little piece of Trek history.

Father's Day Cake

My sister and I baked a cake for our dad for Father's Day. The white cake was dyed using gels that can purchased at any craft store (the gel ensures a deeper, more vibrant color than regular food color). We chose to experiment with red and blue and eventually will expand out to make a rainbow cake. Tree made the icing from scratch and it tasted amazing!!

Lily: Update

After completing the first round of antibiotics a few weeks ago, the vet requested that I collect an urine sample from Lily to confirm that she was on the mend. Sadly, the analysis showed that Lily has made a slight improvement but her infection is still evident and will require another course of antibiotics. So, we begin the process again tonight.

Interfaith Community Services

I decided that rather than rot away at home watching soap operas and judge shows all summer vacation that I would get out and volunteer. I found a group called Interfaith Community Services, they are a conglomeration of churches and faith-based organizations from across Tucson that pool their resources and their volunteers to help others. They have a huge variety of opportunities but I chose to assist the elderly. My "job" starting next week will be to pick-up and drive elderly folks to their doctor appointments, grocery store trips, hair appointments, etc. I will be using my own car but will be reimburse for mileage.

A lot of people have asked me why I decided to volunteer but more, why work with the elderly? Well, I was at Target about a week after school let out and an old lady called me over to ask me where the toilet paper was. She made a funny remark about how old people need to plan their trips around the store a lot more efficiently than us young folk because o…