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Old Ladies Night Out

My Sis and I went to a Jimmy Eat World concert last night. I know, on a school night (and boy am I tired)!! It was amazing and I had a wonderful time!!! I don't have many concerts under my belt but this one was absolutely fantastic!! The venue was very small and we had incredible seats. I can't thank my sister enough for such an exciting evening.


Although not nearly as exciting or life changing as KK's news, I got an email today that the Admiral of the Battlestar Galactica follows me on Twitter. So....Very.....Cool!

Arizona State Museum

Just a quick update to let all of you know that I am still alive, but extraordinarily busy. School started and I fell behind in the first week. Not because I am a bad student, but because a majority of my books didn't arrive at the bookstore until LOOONNNNGG after classes started. Now I am playing the game of catch-up and I am losing. Long days and long nights of reading, as I am sure you can imagine.

Also, I start a new volunteer opportunity this week (I stopped volunteering at ICS until winter break). I will be working at the Arizona State Museum on campus at UA assisting in the repository. My job is pretty open at this point, but it will be a lot of cataloging, organizing, and sifting through thousands upon thousands of cultural artifacts. I am certainly excited but very worried that I might be spreading myself thin.

A couple of other housekeeping type items that you might be wondering about:

The air conditioner was fixed with minimal hassle.

Lily has finally been granted a …