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Grad Check

I am about half way through my grad check process and so far, so good. Everything appears to be in order.

The process:
1. See graduation coordinator
2. Get charged $35 (because tuition just isn't enough!!!)
3. See Minor advisor
4. See Major advisor
5. Return paperwork to graduation coordinator
6. Graduate in May 2011

Almost there.....

Election Party 2010

My sis accompanied me to an election night party this past Tuesday. I was pleasantly surprised she agreed to join me since politics isn't really her thing, but I think she may be coming around! We were thoroughly entertained by the crowd and their reactions to the poll numbers coming in. We left a little early when we realized that some of our local races were going to be too close to call.

It was crazy fun, and I don't regret it, although I am paying the price now for fraternizing with my fellow people, I have a 101.4 fever.

Jesse Kelly

Halloween Costumes 2010

Lily and Trudy got new Halloween costumes this year. In case the pictures are not sufficient, Lily was a cow and Trudy was a bumblebee. We took them for a Halloween eve walk and they had a great time, although no one saw them because trick-or-treating was virtually non-existent in our neighborhood.

So Much For Free Thinking

I came across this communication the other day and was mortified. I hope you too will find this as repulsive as I do. I fully support everyone voluntarily going to vote, I am disgusted however by the thinly veiled attempt by a company to coerce its employees into voting for what it thinks is best. I also seriously doubt anyone was asking for the owner's opinion. Finally, way to go with the bipartisanship! Voting Republican down the board sure did take a lot of effort!!!

"As a reminder, Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd. Voting is our opportunity to have a voice in our local, state, and federal government. We encourage everyone to exercise the right to vote. The polls are open from 6am to 7pm. Poll locations can be found at:
Many folks have asked 'enter name of owner here' for 'his/her' stance on the candidates and propositions. While everyone should research the issues and candidates themselves, in an effort to assist those…