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Post OCS: Orthopedist

Some good news to report. The MRI took place on Friday late afternoon (but boy that took some finagling and it almost didn't happen even up to the last minute). Unfortunately, the films will be sent to the base where one of their radiologists will write up a report and send it over to the orthopedist. Sadly, I have little faith that this will ever happen, the base hasn't exactly been timely or competent up to this point.

The orthopedist appointment is on Wednesday afternoon and we will have to pick up a copy of the MRI (films minus the report) that morning to bring with us to the orthopedist. Monday and Tuesday will be busy with phone calls as we try to get all the x-rays and reports taken by other people sent over to the new physician for his review.


Post OCS: Hip MRI

I thought I would quickly update and let you know that very little progress has been made since I last posted. Matthew still hasn't seen a specialist and his pain medication runs out tomorrow. The red tape is so thick I am beginning to doubt he will ever see anyone. The hold-up seems to be in the referrals...they just can't seem to get it right. The referrals either weren't ever put in (what?) or they were for the wrong body part (double what?) or they were for a doctor on base (which we don't have access to).

The only progress that has been made is that we have an appointment for an MRI tomorrow for his hip. An MRI seems rather pointless at this point without having a doctor to send it to but I guess it is a small victory. They are still working on an MRI referral for his foot and a referral for an orthopedist.

I am distraught to say the least. He is in pain and will be in more pain come this weekend without any medication and no one at the base or the Marine off…

Post OCS: First Dr. Appointment

The Staff Sergeant from the Marine Corps Officer office picked Matthew up at noon this afternoon for his first appointment at Davis Monthan at 1:00. I couldn't take him since I don't have base privileges. At around 1:3o, I got a call to come to the visitors center so the Staff Sergeant could sponsor me on base to take Matthew to his actual appointment at 3:00. Apparently some wires got crossed about the time.

We saw the doctor right on time and she and Matthew discussed his ailments (hip, foot and now left leg). She was extraordinarily nice and soft spoken and sent us over to the Referral Management Center. Apparently, in order for Matthew to see specialists it must be coordinated by the Referral Management Center and approved by...well someone? He has been referred to see an orthopedic specialist and to get an MRI of his hip and foot. We should get approval in about 7-10 days. It is still up for debate whether he will be able to see civilian specialists or if he will c…


Approximately two weeks ago, Matthew completed the obstacle course where he hurt his left hip. He didn't think much of it at the time but the following day he completed Fartlek training, which was extraordinarily painful. About a week later he completed a 5 mile run where he hurt his right foot. In hindsight, it was probably the bad hip that caused the bad foot.

This past week he completed the Confidence Course and a 3-mile 'Boots and Utez' run in 23 minutes. During both events, the Sergeant Instructors commented on his limping and eventually ordered him to the doctor.

On Wednesday morning he reported to the doctor where they x-rayed his foot and diagnosed sprained tendons and was put on light duty.

On Thursday morning, he reported back to the doctor for a follow-up where they x-rayed his hip. The Navy Lieutenant doctor said there wasn't a problem, and after some discussion allowed Matthew to return to full duty to complete the Land Navigation Course.

The Land Navigat…

OCS: My Handsome Marine Candidate

I received an email this evening with a link to head-shots of all the Marine candidates. Matt had told me that they had taken them, but he didn't know why. Now we know! I have the opportunity to order copies, if any of you want some.

8 x 10 = $30.00
5 x 7 = $20.00
11 x 17 = $50.00
8 wallets = $30.00

There is a limited time on these images, so please let me know if you are interested as soon as possible. Also, please specify which image you would like, the left or the right.

OCS: Second Phone Call

Hi everyone, just wanted to check in with you all and let you know that I heard from Matthew last night and again this morning. He is doing better this week, he went to sick call on Friday and they confirmed by x-ray that he has bronchitis. The doctor prescribed something like 9 different medications to get him on the road to recovery. He certainly sounds better and coughs less than the last time I spoke to him.

He decided to leave base after all this weekend because his bunk-mate finally got off of probation and really wanted to leave. They stayed at a hotel last night and had amazing Greek food at a little place down the street from the hotel. He ate until he was stuffed and then back at the room ate more cookies. Amazing!! This afternoon he crashed at the Harbor House (which is a house, but not near a harbor) and had snacks and watched movies.

This past week was really tough on all the guys, and some candidates were cut (voluntarily and not voluntarily). His platoon now has 5…