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True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.
Today I would like to remember and recognize the men in my life who served their country. They didn't pay the ultimate sacrifice, losing their lives in the line of duty (which is what Memorial Day is all about), however they each paid costs which changed their lives forever.
To my husband: who gave many long years in pursuit of his dream to be a Marine, who didn't only because his bones failed him! I am so very proud and thankful for you!
To Curtis: who served as a Marine, who will teach his young son to love and honor his country, and whose heart was given to and for this great land.
To my Pop-o: who served in the Reserves during Vietnam, who stood up for what he believed in...even if it was unpopular.
To My Grandpa Ski (deceased): who served in the Army during WWII in Europe. He never spoke of the traumas of war, his exp…

RIP Matt's Computer (2003-2011)

As you all have seen, my hubby bought a new Mac for me for graduation, this is in-spite of the fact that he needed one far more than I. This afternoon after 8 years of life, his computer took a complete dump. She blew a capacitor on her motherboard and the entire computer room smelled like "burning" (Simpsons reference...which character said this?). She was a good computer and a pretty computer (Star Trek reference...which episode and character?). May she rest in peace. Now if only I could convince him that purchasing another computer in less than 2 weeks is a completely rational fiscal decision.

Graduation Pics

Tucson Convention Center
The Fam
My sister and I
McKale Center

Easter Pics

I was so wrapped up in finals and graduation I didn't get a chance to post these. A big thanks to C, K and m for inviting us to their Easter barbecue! It was really nice to meet the newest addition!

My New Baby

My hubby spoils me rotten on a regular basis but he really outdid himself this time. For my graduation gift he purchased for me a brand new computer.
Her specs are as follows:
27 inch display 3.4 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7 processor 8 GB of ram 2 TB hard drive AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2 GB graphics card

I haven't had much time to use her yet, but she is amazing!


Yesterday was my final graduation ceremony. It was at McKale Center where I have spent, throughout my life, many days and nights of basketball games. It was a fitting location for a welcome end. Our commencement speaker was Savannah Guthrie, former Tucson newscaster and now White House correspondent. She was funny, articulate, brilliant, and adorable! UA finally got its stuff together and made the ceremony shorter by talking less about themselves and all the administrative accomplishments and actually focused on the graduates. They also gave the masters and PhD students their own graduation ceremony the day before, so this one was just for the bachelors degrees. I really enjoyed this ceremony and am glad that I attended. My only complaint is the TSA style pat down on at least 3 separate occasions just to ensure we weren't carrying tortillas and beach balls (which ended up inside anyway!)
After the ceremony we headed to a little Mexican food restaurant around the corner from …

Social and Behavioral Sciences Ceremony

I had my first graduation ceremony this afternoon. My hubby, sister, father-in-law, mom and dad were all there (I know! My parents showed up, I was shocked!) I would like to thank them all for attending what is possibly the longest graduation ceremony of all time. Traffic was terrible, parking was atrocious, you all love me very much for dealing with such nonsense and I am so appreciative!
I had a wonderful time and my parents were quite supportive and friendly. Afterwards they even took the three of us out to dinner! My only regret was not getting an opportunity to speak with any of my professors before we left.
Good memories and good company, I am delighted!

I am Free...!!!

I completed my last final exam of my college career just a few short hours ago. I can't wipe this smile off my face! I just checked my records at Pima to confirm that I have been in school (both part-time and full-time) every semester since the Spring of 2002. I have been in perpetual school for 9 years...I just can't believe it. I cannot comprehend that after all this time, the tears and the triumphs, I am finally achieving my ultimate goal!

I am so grateful to so many people but mostly to my husband and my sister. My hubby has been my rock, my tutor, my motivator and my provider. He has worked hard and sacrificed dirt bikes, new cars, and vacations so that I could go to school. I could NEVER have done this without him and I can never adequately repay him! I love you Sweetheart!

My sister has sat on the phone with me more times than I can count, reminding me why I was doing this and convincing me that my test didn't go nearly as bad as I thought. :) She has been b…

Doctor's Appointment

I went to see my doctor this morning and he confirmed that I have strep throat in addition to pink eyes (that's right, both eyes). Thank goodness we caught both while they are still manageable and slightly less debilitating. I should be back up and running in about 48 hours. In the meantime, liquids, rest and no touching the cat or dogs!!

Last Day of School...Ever

Tomorrow is my last day of classes before finals begin. At the moment I am having difficulty completely comprehending the momentousness of this occasion, mostly because I never thought this day would come but also because I think I have strep throat. Excellent timing!

Forget the Royal Wedding...

I witnessed "The Royal Rumble". The meeting of one Vin Diesel with 'The Rock' in the most epic movie I have seen in a long time, Fast Five. I cannot say enough good things about this movie, it had everything I ever wanted: fast cars, hot girls, explosions, shoot-outs, car chases and Vin Diesel & The Rock. Honestly, how this match up has not been done up to this point is beyond me! The entire movie I kept saying to myself, "I cannot wait to own this movie and watch it everyday". Now, go to the theater and enjoy!