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For over a year now we have been taking Lily to the veterinarian periodically to have her urine checked. (This all stems from a bladder/kidney infection she had when we were in San Diego a year ago). This test usually results in either extremely high or extremely low pH and some variation of crystal formation. The remedy is to switch her food. We have done this probably 8 times in the last year. Nothing has helped. We had her checked again last week and the results are troubling. The calcium levels are very high and she may be producing stones in her bladder or kidneys. An x-ray will be performed next week to determine if the stones have formed. If so, she will need surgery. Either way, stones or not, she is being put on a very special diet which includes only drinking distilled water. Her doctor is confident we will get to the bottom of this but we have a two month window of opportunity now before permanent, long-term damage becomes likely.

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for throwing your dog's poop in our trash can after the garbage had already been picked up. Nothing makes me happier than smelling your dog's excrement in my garage for the next week.
Best Regards,
-- K

Cushing Street Ground Breaking

The Cushing Street Bridge is a project hubby has been working on for approximately 4 years. He has been to endless meetings, sat through tiresome phone conversations, and answered thousands of emails regarding this project. Yet, some how, his company was only given 2 seconds of recognition and hubby wasn't acknowledged at all. I am so disappointed! Instead the Congress people, city council members, and board of directors congratulated themselves on a job well done. How hard they all worked to get this project to certainly wasn't the engineers or architects! I despise you Tucson elected officials!
I am proud of you baby! This was a long haul and you made it!!! Congratulations!
Here are all the folks who absolutely had nothing to do with the bridge on a daily basis. They simply are in a position of power and therefore must feel important.
The artists rendered of what the bridge will look like 1 year from now.

My Hubby's plan set.

Silly Schnauzers!!

Mount Lemmon Hike

Hubby and I decided to enjoy the beautiful, cool summer air up on Mount Lemmon and took the puppies with us. Oh my, did they have a great time! So much to smell!!! Both girls were troopers and didn't start to poop out until about 1.5 hours. I was exhausted much sooner. :)