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Halloween 2011

Trudy as a cow
 Lily as a bumblebee
 Trudy as a lobster
Lily as a pig


My students have their second test today (the first since I started tutoring them). I am so nervous, more so than when I took this class. I really want them to do well and not feel our sessions are a waste. Sending positive thoughts to them both!

Silly Schnauzers

It seems about time for another silly schnauzers post.

Trudy in Piper's scratching post, not of her own free will...

Best Friends

Homemade Bread = Success

When my sister moved out about two months ago, one of the items she wasn't able to take to California was her breadmaker.  I decided to take a stab at it last weekend, but failed miserably (see yesterdays post).  Today I decided to give it another try and...success!  Warm, homemade garlic bread!

The Ghost of Lily

I have no idea how this happened on a digital camera...

An Hour in the Park

I attempted to make homemade bread last weekend...which ended miserably.  So instead of throwing it away, we went to the park this morning to feed the ducks and birds.  Unfortunately it is still almost 100 degrees in the middle of October, so we only stayed for an hour.

Weight Loss

I have to credit this post to my friend Alana over at Fractured Fairy Tales who has been so completely open and honest regarding her struggles with weight gain and loss.  It is such a difficult subject and she has tackled it head on!
One benefit of being unemployed is that you have more time on your hands.  More time means little excuse for not working out.  Since graduating in May I have gone to the gym at least 3 times a week for a minimum of one hour.  In addition, I have rid myself of any unnecessary medications and of course am doing the vegetarian diet. So far I have lost 7 pounds!  This is a great start but I still have a way to go. What a difference it makes when you see results!
My favorite gym music: Ke$ha