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House Hunters: Part V

We finally heard some news on the house. The bank sent an appraiser out to the house to determine the condition, amenities and current market value. They determined the value to be above the amount we offered on the house. The bank than asked for a new offer from us at that value. We declined. First because it is a short sale and we have no intention of paying full market value for a short sale home. Second, because the house needs immediate repairs/replacement (exterior doors, appliances, paint, fence and carpet) and future repairs (like roof and siding) in the next few years. Third, because the house is still being taxed heavily which affects the monthly mortgage payment tremendously.
The ball is in the bank's court now. They could easily reject our original, firm offer. However, what I am sure they are considering now is: our offer is solid and definite, they could decline in hopes of something better but will they get another offer? There aren't any other offers as of tod…

My Hubby's Bridge

I was recently in Tucson to visit my family for the holidays and see some friends but I couldn't not go visit my Hubby's bridge. The Cushing Street Bridge (AKA Luis G. Gutierrez Bridge) is nearly complete, all that is left are the rails for their modern street car. I am so amazingly proud of the work my husband did on this project and it must be so fulfilling to see your work on paper become a reality. It truly is beautifully designed and extraordinarily unique! Good job, love!

Christmas Ornaments

I decided to hand-make gifts this year for my co-workers. I haven't been at the Mansion long enough to exchange gifts with those people, so this year it is just for the Evergreen crew. I made each person a personalized Christmas ornament. 

I purchased all the supplies from Michaels. The ornaments are made of a sturdy cardboard and can be found in the wood section. Than each ornament was covered (front and back) with the selected scrapbook paper using hot glue. I edged each one with ribbon (using hot glue) to cover up the seams and applied the stickers/embellishments to each ornament. Finally, I put each persons name on it using glittery stickers. Overall, I would estimate each ornament cost about $5, which is not only cost effective for a large group but also more meaningful. :-)

Evergreen Christmas Party

Hubby and I attended the Evergreen Volunteer Christmas party on the 5th. It was a very large event with almost every volunteer attending! The music was mariachi style, which Matt and I found entertaining but most others were confused by. Upon leaving, with the buildings completely lit, I shot a few photos of the museums at night. Simply stunning!
The Space Building
The Aviation Building
This one is for Bruce, his beloved Spruce Goose!

Hepcat Model

My newest RC airplane has come a long way in 3 months. Keep in mind that this isn't a kit with pre-cut pieces. Everything you see here was built from scratch and each piece was cut individually.

First was the fuselage
This took the longest because it had to be built twice. Once by me and once by Cecil who didn't have the heart to make me build it again after he dropped it on the floor and shattered it.
Than I finished the wing
Than it was the horizontal and vertical stabilizers
Than we made sure the engine mount was going to fit...
and finally I installed the fuel tank.
We still need to install the engine mount, the engine and all the servos. After that, we can cover it and fly it!

Words I Never Thought I Would Say...

I got my keys to the mansion today.

Photo courtesy of Squid Vicious

A Catholic Principal, A One-Legged Marine and A Swearing, Drinking Nun

Hubby and I had the pleasure of joining one of my friends from Evergreen and his family for Thanksgiving dinner. We watched football, ate decadent food and sipped on wine. There is something very freeing about joining a family that isn't your own for dinner. There is still all the bickering and arguments that occur at family get-togethers, they just don't include you!

My friend, Joe, is the one-legged Marine, his wife is the Catholic principal and her friend SAM (Sister Ann Marie) is the swearing, drinking nun. In addition, there were 7 more guests who were either family or strays like Matt and I. Add 3 standard-sized poodles to the mix and it was one heck of a party!

Mass Effect 3

Tom and Curtis, do not read this post if you haven't finished Mass Effect 3 yet!!
Do you remember back in March when I completely lost my mind because they ended Mass Effect 3 in the most stupid and ridiculous way possible? In case you forgot, here you go. Well, I played it again (actually I played 1, 2 and 3 again back to back) after Bioware released a patch which included an extended and updated ending. It isn't perfect, but OMG it is so much better than it was before. It doesn't solve my biggest grievance which is that everyone had the same ending but it did at least answer what happened to the crew you have been working with for 3 games. I have to give Bioware some credit for listening to the fans and doing the right thing.

Good News and Bad News

First, the good news. I got the job at Pittock Mansion! I start sometime next week. Also good news, confirmed I won't work at Pittock on Mondays so I can stay at Evergreen too! Bad news, I might not get to meet with the model group as much as I have been. My schedule will be erratic for awhile during the holiday season so I may miss working on my plane for the time being.
The C-130 that Dwaine and Harold are working on
C-130 hung up until they return from Arizona
Static model of the Spruce Goose which we hung today
She's a beauty!

Happy Birthday USMC!!

Every year Evergreen celebrates the awesomeness that is the USMC! Today we sat, drank coffee, talked and enjoyed the company of many Marines and their families. Thank you to all Marines who have, do or someday will serve this great nation. We can never repay you for all that you give.

Post Election Day Update

Regarding the house: We heard from our realtor who heard from the seller's realtor that Bank of America will have an answer for us regarding our offer in 45 days. If I am calculating things correctly, that should be around Christmas.
Regarding the dogs: They both had their blood work done yesterday and the vet called today to say that they are both doing great! No concerns or worries and Trudy is not having any unusual side-effects from her daily pain pill. Awesome!
Regarding hubby: I have lost him to Halo 4 but I am okay with that. He works long, hard hours and deserves every ounce of playtime he can get because he is awesome!

Regarding me: I went back to the doctor today because I am still not feeling well. My previous test results came back satisfactorily. I am not anemic, and my glucose, kidney and potassium levels are all good. My doctor decided to run another set of bloodwork today, this time testing my thyroid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folate levels. He wants me to see …

Doctors Appointment

I went to the doctor this morning after 5 days of persistent vertigo. It appears to be nothing to worry about, simply a virus which is affecting my inner ear, however the doctor had blood drawn anyway just to make sure all my levels are normal. He is (obviously) a new doctor for me but he said the strangest thing after looking at my patient history "you appear to be a very healthy person." Really? I never thought of myself as sickly but I also wouldn't categorize myself as healthy either.
I have or currently do suffer from the following ailments:

Ingrown toenails (which required surgery)
Hip Dysplasia (which required 3 surgeries)
Diverticulitus/Diverticulosis (which required surgery)
Hiatal hernia
Tonsil stones
Chronic sinusitis
Tubes in my ears (which required 3 surgeries)
Bad eyesight

Seriously y'all, I am 33. This would be an acceptable list for someone twice my age. Let's just admit it, I am not exactly the picture of health.

Here is a picture I …

One Giant Update

Lots of news occurred over the past week so, here goes:

Regarding the house: we received the seller's counter-offer on the house which we agreed too, signed and sent back. The counter-offer just stipulated that if the bank was going to force the seller's to pay the difference owed that they would decline our offer. We also received paperwork from Bank of America which they wanted signed, now we are playing the waiting game with the bank regarding our offer. Could be months...
Regarding me: I had a job interview today at a museum called the Pittock Mansion. Seriously, this place is stunning! Over two dozen individuals applied for the job, 6 were interviewed today and 3 will be chosen to interview again next week. From those 3, one will get the job and one will get an offer to be on-call for the holiday season. Keep me in your thoughts! Pittock already agreed to work around my schedule at Evergreen so I can do both! Awesome!
Regarding Evergreen: My resume was hand-delivered to M…

Why, Hello Fall

For the first time in my life, I am watching the seasons change. Not just summer turning into winter, but fall and spring too. Oregon is beautiful right now, the rain is back, the trees are changing colors and dropping their leaves, fireplaces are being lit and the air is crisp and cool.

Desert Tortoise Surprise!!!!

Since my sister and I were young, our family has had desert tortoises. Our first one was Jadzia, she was awesome and had such an amazing personality. Next, we got Cowboy (who was seriously the coolest tortoise ever!), Ahab and Starbuck. Ahab and Starbuck were a surprise because the guy who gave us Cowboy hid them underneath him. Than we got Big Mama. Big Mama was a friend's elderly tortoise who needed a new home. After that our family became known as the "turtle people" and every time someone found a tortoise, they brought them to us. We "adopted" Norman, Harlow and Sabino after that. 
For the past 15+ years, my parents have nurtured and fed desert tortoises and as is what happens in nature, we lost most of them. Jadzia was killed by a bird, Cowboy died during hibernation, Ahab escaped from the yard and died of dehydration, Harlow flipped over on her back and suffocated, and we still don't know what happened to Norman and Sabino but they died too. That jus…

Mercury Astronaut Tribute

I had an idea over a month ago to create a video tribute to the Mercury Astronauts. It was much harder than I anticipated. Finding NASA footage that was good quality and than getting it into a format that iMovie could understand was a process, but tonight I finished it and published it for the world to see.

The music is from the Mass Effect 2 video game. The song is called "Suicide Mission" (which is rather fitting when you think about it -- and completely not on purpose). I already have a second video in mind to complete the Mercury Program since I only had time to use footage from the first three missions (there were six total).

On a side note -- my sister says that I love heroic music and I never really noticed that fact until recently -- she is right, I do!

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it! :-)

House Hunters Part IV

This weekend we put in an offer on a house (see picture).  Crazy, right??! The house is a short sale and was posted for more than our budget, so we put in an offer that was within our budget and submitted it to the sellers and their agent. They verbally accepted (should get written confirmation in a few days). Once we and the sellers come to an agreement on everything, it will be submitted to the seller's bank. That is where we anticipate most of the problems will occur. Will the bank accept an offer below market value? Will they make the seller pay the difference? If that is the case, than the sellers already said they won't accept our offer. Will the bank take 8 months to make a decision and we end up not getting the house because it goes to auction? Short sales are a tenuous and pain-staking process only to be ventured into by the strong-willed and patient individual. Time will tell if we are up to the task.

Year Built: 1994 Square Footage: 2648 Levels: 3 Acres: 0.42 Bedro…

This is Why You Should Always Check...

the fridge, the stove, and the dryer before you use them!

I don't typically make a habit of leaving the dryer open, but I had to run and get the phone when I was doing laundry. When I got back 10 minutes later, Piper had staked her claim.

House Hunters Part III

Sorry things have a little quiet here on the ol' blog. We have been pretty busy with the house hunt. The lender situation is under control! Once we selected the person we wanted to work with, it was simply a matter of handing over all the documentation. We have been pre-approved and are ready to make an offer on a house. The problem now...we can't find a house.
I was sold on the schoolhouse and Hubby wanted to love that house as much as I did. But he didn't. We looked at it again on Sunday, preparing to make an offer but instead we walked away. There were three main issues: electrical, foundation, and septic. The whole house would likely need to be rewired for three prong electrical outlets since it only has the two prong currently. The foundation (which was originally poured in two sections) is separating and the house continues to settle strangely. Lastly, the septic has never been pumped in 16 years. That not only is disgusting but a huge problem! The owner doesn't…

New Magnus Pictures

The proud daddy sent out a few more pictures of Magnus today. 
Check out all that hair and....
look at those feet!

Happy Birthday Alexander!

Alexander Deon Hudson was born this afternoon around 3:00. 9 pounds, 5 ounces. Mother and baby are doing well. Hubby and I were voting for the name Magnus Matthew, which the happy parents politely declined, so from here on out Alexander will be referred to as Magnus -- because the name on the birth certificate does not dictate nicknames given my aunts and uncles. :-)

Neil Armstrong Memorial

The flowers left at the feet of our Neil Armstrong replica died last week and looked pretty yucky, so I asked my boss if I could bring in some artificial ones as a permanent memorial. The museum agreed and this weekend I put together a bouquet. The total cost was $2. I used the ribbon from the old flowers and bought the new flowers at the dollar store.

On a side note: I did a tour not long ago with a little girl (maybe in third grade) and when she saw this picture of the Original 7 astronauts, she proclaimed "they look brave!" Sometimes kids say exactly what we are all know or are thinking but don't say out loud!

Before and After

About a 2 months ago, the model group was told that we needed to move out of our space at the museum so that a television station could be put in. So for weeks we sorted, tossed out, packed and organized until we were exhausted. There were a number of weeks where we didn't know if we would be back and were making plans to meet at each other's houses. But, alas, we were granted a new, larger space with new furniture!
And lastly, the Hepcat remote control model that Cecil and I are building from scratch and redesigning as we go.