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Kinney Family Vacation

The Kinney's escaped the Arizona heat and arrived in Portland on Saturday morning (7/28/12) to begin their summer road trip. We accomplished quite a bit in the 3 days they were here. Some of the highlights were Ocean Side Beach and Evergreen Museum. We also went to downtown Portland to eat at the food carts, visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory and several visits to local eateries.
Ocean Side Beach
The Kinney Fam
Uncle Matt teaching Max how to play in the sand
Auntie Kristi being silly!
Max didn't want to let this airplane go
Space Museum
Outdoor playground
Big Kid
Beautiful day in Oregon
Biplane ride, probably Max's favorite event of the trip!

Happy Birthday Trudy!!

Yesterday Trudy celebrated her 12th birthday! What a wonderful day it was! Hubby and I were not naive to the fact that she easily might not have made it to this milestone after the rough 5 months she has had. We are so grateful and looking forward to lucky number 13 with our sweet, old girl!
Frosty Paws doggie ice cream for the birthday girl

That's quite the curl!

P.S. Happy Birthday Alana Banana!

The X-Files (1993-2002)

Back when Trudy originally hurt herself, she needed constant contact and attention, so I was desperate for something I could do without using my hands or getting up off the couch much. That left television for the most part, so I popped in season 1 of X-files which lead to 2 and 3 and so on until just last week I finished season 9. My overall feeling a week later is that I am glad I survived it. :-)
It was fun to take the adventure all over again and watching all the episodes in order really made the mythology arc of the show make so much more sense. However, the writers/creator of the show changed the characters and scripts so much the final two seasons that it was almost unrecognizable. I am glad I experienced the X-Files again (this time older and wiser) but I cannot imagine doing it again anytime soon. Maybe in another 10 years.

 P.S. Trudy is feeling much better today!


I think I jinxed us by posting about Trudy yesterday. She had an episode this morning. It seems to be under control with medication, a heating pad, and being kenneled but I should have known better than publicly declare a victory. It isn't nearly as bad as in the past, so hopefully some rest and downtime will do her good. :)

Trudy: Update

I just realized that I haven't updated regarding Trudy in awhile. As you will remember, our story with Trudy began back at the beginning of March when she hurt her back. Here we are 4 months and two weeks later and she is doing remarkably well. Trudy is currently on a single daily medication, the doggie version of ibuprofen. The doc is concerned with the long term effects of being on it every day but Hubby and I are in agreement that if it makes her quality of life better in the short term than it is a chance we are willing to take. She hasn't had any episodes since being on this medication and we are pleased that she is as close to normal as we could expect. Our lifestyle has changed but we seem to have the hang of it now: carrying her down the stairs, blocking the furniture so she can't climb on it when we are gone, and not letting her jump off the couch when we are home. She also has grown accustomed to these changes, knows the routine and waits for us. 

Here is to hopin…

Family Vacation: Sea Side

It has been quite warm in Oregon, getting into the 80s and 90s and no air conditioning, so to escape the heat we opted for the beach. This time we traveled even further north to Sea Side. We decided to take the dogs with us since they had never seen the ocean. So adorable!
Lily liked the people more than the water
Trudy didn't like the people or the water
Simply stunning!
Jackie in the ocean
And yes, Yoda came too
Sweet Lily

Family Vacation: Oregon Zoo

I just realized that it has been quite some time since my last update. Life has been busy and my mother-in-law has been in town for the past week and a half. Between showing her the sights, working at the museum, and keeping up on chores, I have been a busy little bee.
On the 4th of July the three of us took a jaunt over to the Oregon Zoo. What a lovely place! So much to see! Surprisingly, some of the animals were indoors because it was too hot. 75 degrees. :-)
Jackie (AKA mother-in-law)
Yoda came too