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House Hunters: Part V

We finally heard some news on the house. The bank sent an appraiser out to the house to determine the condition, amenities and current market value. They determined the value to be above the amount we offered on the house. The bank than asked for a new offer from us at that value. We declined. First because it is a short sale and we have no intention of paying full market value for a short sale home. Second, because the house needs immediate repairs/replacement (exterior doors, appliances, paint, fence and carpet) and future repairs (like roof and siding) in the next few years. Third, because the house is still being taxed heavily which affects the monthly mortgage payment tremendously.
The ball is in the bank's court now. They could easily reject our original, firm offer. However, what I am sure they are considering now is: our offer is solid and definite, they could decline in hopes of something better but will they get another offer? There aren't any other offers as of tod…

My Hubby's Bridge

I was recently in Tucson to visit my family for the holidays and see some friends but I couldn't not go visit my Hubby's bridge. The Cushing Street Bridge (AKA Luis G. Gutierrez Bridge) is nearly complete, all that is left are the rails for their modern street car. I am so amazingly proud of the work my husband did on this project and it must be so fulfilling to see your work on paper become a reality. It truly is beautifully designed and extraordinarily unique! Good job, love!

Christmas Ornaments

I decided to hand-make gifts this year for my co-workers. I haven't been at the Mansion long enough to exchange gifts with those people, so this year it is just for the Evergreen crew. I made each person a personalized Christmas ornament. 

I purchased all the supplies from Michaels. The ornaments are made of a sturdy cardboard and can be found in the wood section. Than each ornament was covered (front and back) with the selected scrapbook paper using hot glue. I edged each one with ribbon (using hot glue) to cover up the seams and applied the stickers/embellishments to each ornament. Finally, I put each persons name on it using glittery stickers. Overall, I would estimate each ornament cost about $5, which is not only cost effective for a large group but also more meaningful. :-)

Evergreen Christmas Party

Hubby and I attended the Evergreen Volunteer Christmas party on the 5th. It was a very large event with almost every volunteer attending! The music was mariachi style, which Matt and I found entertaining but most others were confused by. Upon leaving, with the buildings completely lit, I shot a few photos of the museums at night. Simply stunning!
The Space Building
The Aviation Building
This one is for Bruce, his beloved Spruce Goose!

Hepcat Model

My newest RC airplane has come a long way in 3 months. Keep in mind that this isn't a kit with pre-cut pieces. Everything you see here was built from scratch and each piece was cut individually.

First was the fuselage
This took the longest because it had to be built twice. Once by me and once by Cecil who didn't have the heart to make me build it again after he dropped it on the floor and shattered it.
Than I finished the wing
Than it was the horizontal and vertical stabilizers
Than we made sure the engine mount was going to fit...
and finally I installed the fuel tank.
We still need to install the engine mount, the engine and all the servos. After that, we can cover it and fly it!