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Hepcat Model

Things are progressing with my Hepcat model! In the next few days I will post pictures of the decal I created for the wing and the new engine I bought.
The first portion of the underside wing is done,  the tips are uncovered for now but will be blue

This is the airplane stand that Mitch built in an effort to give us a little more room. It is so well made that I am trying to convince him to go into business with me! RC flying is very popular here and I think these would sell well.

Mitch's wing and vertical stabilizer for his Kadet Senior 

I did all the pinstripping!

UPDATE: Little Lonnie: He's Baaaack!

This morning I was greeted with quite a ruckus. I blamed the cat for hours before I ventured out to find the source of the noise. It was coming from the fireplace. As I got closer, I heard pecking, fluttering and scratching of nails on the metal flue. Apparently Little Lonnie will not be so easily displaced. He is now stuck and quite angry about it. I left a message for the pest control guys but if they don't get back to me, than Little Lonnie will have to hold on until Hubby gets home from Washington tonight. If we don't get him out tonight, I doubt he will make it much longer without food or water.

UPDATE: Little Lonnie was successfully removed, he wasn't actually in the fireplace but in a small empty space between the fireplace and the exterior wall. Once Hubby removed a vent, he immediately flew out and began eating. Lucky bird! Now the goal is to figure out how he got himself into that predicament so he can't do it again.

Video Editing

Every time I even contemplate making another music video, I watch these two and I remember what outstanding video editing looks like and than I change my mind. How I can I compete with such brilliance?

Hepcat Model

My modeling schedule is dependent upon if I have the day off from work. I finally got a chance to go in and get some airplane work done. The vertical and horizontal stabilizers are sanded and covered now. Next I will need to cover the wing, which will likely be a combination of red and blue with white striping. The fuselage will be red with a blue or white pinstripe. Arizona Wildcat colors you ask, why yesssss!
The  overall structure is done
The vertical stabilizers...

and the horizontal stabilizers

UPDATE AGAIN: Demon in the Ceiling

I can't believe it, but I accidentally deleted my previous post about Little Lonnie.  Wait here while I try to recreate it...
So a few night ago, as I was trying to go to sleep, I heard the scratching of tiny feet and the flapping of wings coming from the ceiling. Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie, am I right? I immediately woke Hubby up and asked him to listen. He sleepily proclaimed, "don't worry, it's just the woodpecker."
Oh, this where I should probably tell you that there has been a woodpecker living in our attic space for over a month. We notified the rental agency immediately but it was only after we told them that the bird(s) were roosting/nesting/procreating that they agreed to send out an expert. We normally would have handled this situation on our own, however woodpeckers are a federally protected migratory species and must be handled with care.
So, needless to say I got very little sleep as I expected Little Lonnie to drill his way through t…