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Bucket List: Homeowners

On Thursday Hubby and I were called into the title company's office to sign all the paperwork for the house. Overall, it wasn't as long or difficult as we expected. The only glitch we encountered was that the mortgage company had calculated some of the figures incorrectly so we ended up getting some money back at closing. Awesome! On Friday we met up with our realtor who handed us the keys to our first home. Crazy! Today we will spend the day cleaning, measuring and otherwise trying to get the house ready before the fuzzy family members come home too.

OSU Field School

Yesterday I briefly referred to going down to Corvallis and the OSU campus. The reason for this trip is that I have been accepted to the OSU summer field school. The archeological dig I will be joining will run from the beginning of July until the end of August. There are two areas of excavation, first is Fort Yamhill and second is Champoeg (sham-poo-ee) State Park. The purpose of a field school is to teach you, hands-on, how to conduct a proper dig and give you experience beyond book knowledge.
For those of you unfamiliar with the process, potential archaeologists are required to have both a degree and a field school on their resume. It is my sincerest hope that this is just another step towards finding my forever career!
I have already tendered by resignation to the mansion, who was amazingly supportive of my decision.
Being an archaeologist is not glamorous, nor do we carry whips

Newport, Oregon

Last weekend I wanted to drive down to Corvallis to the OSU campus to get a feel for the area and the parking situation (more on that later). Once in Corvallis Hubby realized it was only another 45 minutes to the ocean, so we took off for the coast.
Yoda went too!
Gloomy Oregon coast
Random day trips are the best kind of getaways!
Historical Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (We also toured the inside)


I planted a single lily this time last year and it died relatively soon after. So, I plucked the lily out and allowed the pot to stay vacant for an entire year. In March a tiny green stalk appeared. Hubby and I referred to it as our "mystery plant" since we weren't certain what had decided to take root there. It wasn't until it actually bloomed that we confirmed it was lilies once again.

Blackhawk Visit

A little over a week ago we received a call at Evergreen to expect 3 Blackhawk helicopters from Fort Lewis to be landing behind the space building. The 45 men landed, toured the museum, had lunch and were photographed in the Spruce Goose. It was a pleasure having them there and we welcomed the once in a lifetime opportunity to see these amazing helicopters in action!

This is the video I shot of all 3 helicopters leaving. It was the first time I had ever been that close to  the rotor wash of such a large helicopter. I was almost blown over! What you can't see from the video is all of the guys waving to us!

Memorial Day 2013

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Hubby and I attempted to get out and see some sites. First was the World Forestry Center (located right next to the zoo) and than we walked through the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Truly beautiful and peaceful.

Silly Schnauzers

It has been awhile since I have done a 'silly schnauzers' post, so here you go!  Lily is doing really well (albeit a little chunky) and Trudy is on the mend after a really horrible month. Between her back and teeth problems, the poor thing has been through the wringer. Yesterday Trudy had surgery to remove almost all of her teeth. She didn't have that many when we adopted her, now she only has her two bottom canine teeth left. That tongue of hers should be hanging out of her mouth permanently now!

Yes, that is a sock wrapped around Lily's head. Why? I have no idea.

Trudy when she was at her worst...
and Trudy now that she is feeling better.

This should be meme.