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Archaeological Dig: Week 4

The dig went quite well this week, despite the temperatures. I think that Tuesday will go down as the hottest day so far. We are fairly certain it was close to 100 degrees. My sunburn has finally turned into a tan and my shoulders are peeling from the severe burn of two weeks ago, I am keeping them covered until they heal.
I found some amazing items this week, I can't wait to share them with you!

Here is a picture of what we are finding most of: NAILS, lots and lots of nails of all shapes and sizes House #2 (the one we are currently excavating) has more nails than anyone thought possible, even the lead archaeologists. We think that this house must have been completely disassembled before being moved and that the nails were simply discarded on the ground. We typically find nails within the first 1-3 cms.

My amazing find #1: A porcelain doll hand! This is the first evidence we have that a little girl might have lived or visited the area! Notice the thumb on the north side of the hand…

Archaeological Dig: Week 3

This week went slightly better than last. There were only a few unbearably hot days (despite the 6 day work week) and the physical demands are getting a little easier, although my body is rebelling in new and interesting ways. I think I have arthritis, that is the only explanation for how painful my hands and knees are right now.
Here is some information about the site and its history. Feel free to skip ahead to the pics, if you so desire. :-)
Fort Yamhill was built in 1856 and remained an active duty post until 1866. The Fort's main purpose was to oversee Native Americans living within the reservation area. This fort was not involved in the American Civil War due to Oregon declaring neutrality. The Army forces stationed at this fort were sent East upon the beginning of the war and it was staffed by volunteers from California thereafter. The full garrison stationed at Fort Yamhill consisted of 76 men under three officers and were commanded by William Babcock Hazen and at times by…

Archaeological Dig: Week 2

Week 2 of the dig was grueling. It has been hot outside and we spend approximately 9 hours in the sun each day. Occasionally we will get a shade tent, but some people need them more than others, so there are times when our group gets zero shade each day. I am filthy, sunburned and physically exhausted. Right now, I am wondering how I could have made such a horrible mistake. :-\  Here's to hoping that next week goes much better!
The area underneath the shade tent structure is where my excavation area is
Pictured is my partner Krista. This photo was taken after we removed the top soil and sod.
Not too long in, we realized we had found foundation.
By the end of Thursday both groups (mine is in the back) had uncovered quite a bit of foundation. The only artifacts we have found are nails, so far.
By end of day Friday we had uncovered much more foundation and excavating the North side of the pit down to 10 cm. Next week we will continue digging out the North side another 10 cm looking …

Archaeological Dig: Week 1

On Monday, after less than 12 hours home from Tucson, I arrived for my first day on the archaeological dig. Day 1 we toured Fort Yamhill, the site we will be excavating most this summer. Our concentration will be on "Officer's Row" where 3 officers lived along with their staff/help. We will specifically be looking for evidence of women at the site.

View from Officer's Row

On Day 2 we toured the sister site to Fort Yamhill, called Fort Hoskins. We won't be doing any work out there this year, but it is an excellent example of a contemporary fort. Many of the artifacts found here give us a better understanding of ones found at Fort Yamhill.

The small house is an actual officer's house which a family still lived in until recently.

On Day 3 we toured the second site we will be excavating this summer at Champoeg State Park. I didn't get a chance to photograph this location, so it will have to wait a few weeks until we get back out there.
Overall, I am tired. T…

Tucson Trip

I just got home from visiting Tucson a few days ago. As I was moving all the pictures off my phone and camera I realized that I have a lot of pictures of food and some of the turtles...but no people. I apologize to my family and friends who I visited with that it was such a whirlwind trip that I couldn't get your photograph. :-(  I also apologize to those you I didn't get a chance to visit this time around, I was in town for a wedding and it was a little crazy!
Day 1: Eegees
Day 2: Breakfast with Dad
Day 3: Dinner at Macayos with Dad
Day 4: Chick fil a (because even vegetarians can't resist good chicken)

And BABIES!!!!!

Starbuck (a.k.a. Baby Daddy)

Bucket List: Mount Hood

Hubby and I have been wanting to go to Mount Hood (the tallest mountain in Oregon) since we moved here but the weather conditions were never right. It was either too rainy, too snowy or too icy for either of our vehicles to make it. However, summer time is the right time (and the off-season) so for his birthday we decided to make a trip up there and have a delicious meal.
Not beautiful weather and the summit was obscured by clouds

 Snow in June!!

I am such an Arizonan, I am still amazed by all the water in random places!