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Brunette to Red Head in Just One Day!

Let the Ginger jokes begin...

Pretty in Pink: Part II

I had a follow-up with the ortho doctor and the prognosis is good! He confirmed (with additional x-rays) that I don't need to have surgery. He was certain, based on how I broke it, that it would be necessary, but alas I surprised him. 3 more weeks in the cast and than I graduate into a removable brace, I can't wait!
My doc commented that I had a lot of signatures on my cast. I hadn't really thought about it but I am truly blessed to have so many amazing friends. Sometimes it takes a broken bone to remind you to be grateful for all the amazing people in your life!
Matching pink fingernails

Pretty in Pink

I saw the orthopedic specialist yesterday and after running several more x-rays this is what he had to say --
Me: So, can you throw a removable splint on it?
Doc: No, due to the nature if the spiral fracture and the fact that it is extremely unstable, you will need a cast.
Me: So, how quickly can you throw a removable splint on it?
Doc: Ummm, no. You need a cast.
Me: So, you're saying the removable splint is on its way?
Doc: You're very lucky you aren't getting surgery. Choose a color because you are getting a cast. 
Me:  Oh, I understand, the lady next door will get me that removable splint.
Doc: See you in a week for a follow-up and again in 3 more weeks for another follow-up.
Hubby and the group from the dig signed it today
Check out my kick-ass Danner boots. They are zombie apocalypse approved!

The Hand is Broken

Went and saw the doctor today and he confirmed my fear -- I broke a bone in my hand, specifically the 5th metacarpal. He is forwarding my information to an orthopedic specialist who will decide if it needs to be casted or not. In the meantime I am cooling my heels at home and not attending the dig because...well, I am not much use to them right now.

Archaeological Dig: Week 6

This was a very interesting week on the dig with several amazing discoveries (not mine, however)! 

Another intact bottle, but not alcohol this time. I think it might have held olive oil since it has a pour spout. The others think it is an ink bottle, but I disagree with that wholeheartedly because I worked with ink bottles from this period of time while at ASM and we never saw glass ones like this.

A ball button: traditionally worn on West Point uniforms, even to this day.
It was media week at Fort Yamhill, here are some links:
Statesman Journal Salem Newspaper

What is interesting about field school is how nice everyone is to one another for the first 4-5 weeks, but come week 6 -- well, as the temperatures rose, so did tempers. People weren't getting along very well this week, so when I got an opportunity to go to Champoeg State Park, I took it!
Champoeg Pics: 
Last year, right at the end of the field season, the crew discovered what they thought was a root cellar. So this year th…

Archaeological Dig: Week 5

This week was a quiet one at the dig. No major, life changing discoveries were made and few artifacts (besides nails) was uncovered. The weather was rather lovely this week and we all enjoyed the cloudy skies and cool coastal winds. On Tuesday we took a field trip out to Fort Vancouver, which many of you may already be familiar with. For those of who aren't, Fort Vancouver was contemporaneous with Fort Yamhill (and Fort Hoskins) and served as the supply depot for all the forts in the area. Pretty much, if we find it at Yamhill it likely made a stop at Vancouver first.

Here is the progress we are making on the southside foundation, notice how the rock edges look very smooth and straight on the left side but very jagged and uneven on the right. The right side would be the interior of the foundation and we believe the uneven edges were left behind since no one would see it, but the left side would have faced outside and therefore more care was taken to ensure nice straight sides.

Each …