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Rose City Comic Con

The Second Annual Rose City Comic Con took place this weekend. We attended yesterday for the celebrity panels more so than the comic book portion of the event.

First we took a look around the exhibit floor. We have been to numerous conventions in Las Vegas but none of them had as many exhibitors and artists as here. The Bat Mobile also made a special appearance.

Here is Christopher Judge, the first celebrity panel we saw. He played Teal'c on Stargate SG1 and he is an Oregon Duck football alum. He was funny, candid and more than willing to spend as much time with the fans as he could. Hubby and I got his autograph and were able to shake his hand! He was incredibly kind and gracious!

Next on stage was Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko) from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. This is the second time we have seen him in person so we knew what to expect but it was apparent that the crowd and moderator were ill-prepared. Avery is a very kind and spiritual man who looks at everything in life in a ve…

Spruce Goose: Motor Test

Today was a momentous day, after many longs years* of cutting, assembling, glueing, sanding and painting, the Spruce Goose model is almost ready for her maiden flight. Today we conducted the second motor test (the first one was in Cecil's garage). She worked beautifully without any hiccups!

All that is holding the ol' girl up is two pencils. This is the best way to confirm and correct her balance. It is better to be nose heavy than tail heavy. Her balance is spot on!

* Please note that I have had very little to do with this project and this was a labor of love from Cecil, Dwaine, Bob, Mitch, Glider Bill, Harold and Bill Wheeler (deceased).

Cast Off -- Brace On

After 4 amazingly long weeks, I got my cast off today! The doc is very happy with my progress and says the fracture is healing nicely. I still have 4 more weeks in the brace before I am healed enough to resume normal life (like lift or carry heavier items). Than it will be an additional 4 weeks after that before I can rollerskate, lift weights or do push-ups. I won't regain pre-injury mobility for about 6 months.
I was really surprised at how much my skin shed. Yuck!
They asked if I wanted it, I told them to burn it!
 The removable I love thee!

Silly Schnauzers

I have 6 days until this cast comes off, I am so relieved! I haven't been able to accomplish as much around the house lately with this hand situation but I did take some pics of the dogs. :-)

Seriously, not that cold.
Belated birthday ice cream

Trudy Girl
My Lily Pup
What an adorable face!

1992 is back!

One week before NFL football starts our DVR took an irreparable dump. This morning my cell phone, which previously got adequate reception at the house, now has NO SIGNAL except for when I drive a mile away. After completely wiping my phone of all data, tech support has no idea what to do because I should have coverage.
It is the year 2013 yet I have no idea what is on TV and if I do, I have to watch it live and I have zero access to text messaging or any other mobile service from my own home. Seriously, how did we ever survive 1992 before these technologies existed because I feel like I am living in the Stone Age??!!

Bright side: still got internet on my iMac