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Hepcat Model

Hubby says that I have been saying this phrase for 2 years, but the Hepcat model is almost done! The electronics are complete, the push rods are installed, the gas tank is in, the engine is mounted. This week I will finish covering the nose (which will be red), install the windshield and work on the the finishing exterior embellishments. The landing gear is complete, just needs to be installed. It looks like she will definitely be ready for her maiden flight in the spring!

Playing PI with the Internet

When purchasing a home for the first time, I always imagined we would buy it from a family who had lived there awhile and they would take us under their wing and tell us all the ins and outs of the house. Perhaps they would even show us all the work they had done and regale us with stories of their lives in the house.
Alas, that wasn't the case with the home we ended up buying. You see, our house was part of an estate so all we knew was the name of the owner, that she was deceased and that a relative in another state was handling the transaction. Maybe it is the anthropologist in me or maybe I am just super nosey but after all was said and done I started to do some research on the internet regarding the previous owner.
The first thing I discovered was Cathy's (not her real name) obituary. She died in our house at the age of 65. Yes, you read that correctly she died in our house! While I was slightly creeped out by that fact at first, I am coming to terms with it. She had a hu…