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Helpless Doesn't Mean Worthless: UPDATED AGAIN

I dropped off some flyers to Carrie yesterday so she could help us canvas the neighborhood for the dog's owner. She texted this morning with some amazing news! She found the owner! Apparently her boss was walking by her desk when he saw the flyer. He recognized the dog immediately and called the owner, who is his friend. The owner was so happy and relieved! Apparently they were out for a walk when Bailey wandered away. She follows voice command and doesn't wear a collar because she hates them and chews them right off. They say they have been looking for her for over a week and were very worried. The owner is going to pick her up this afternoon.

A very happy ending indeed!!

Updated 1/24/14:

I received a message from the shelter yesterday that the dog Carrie and I found has not yet been reunited with her family. I decided to stop in to visit the pup this morning on the way to Evergreen. The volunteers say she is doing well but she is still very scared, probably because she is b…

Hepcat Model

As I had hoped, I was able to get the painting completed over the past few weeks. I was shocked at how well we were able to match the interior color to the exterior! 
My remaining to do list:
Windows still need to be put in Landing skid needs to be installed Fuel tank needs to be put together Landing gear needs to be installed Engine needs to be put back in Horizontal and vertical stabilizers need to be permanently installed

Hepcat Model

More progress has been completed on my Hepcat model. The nose has been covered and the decorative stripping has been ironed on. This week the agenda is to paint the inside of the engine and fuel compartments to protect them from fuel leakage. Balsa wood is extremely porous, so if fuel gets on it it seeps in and dissolves the wood. After painting I will cut out and install the window panels. 

Happy New Year!!

2013 Phillips Family Year in Review
I thought it might be nice to take a look back at all the things that happened this year:
1.  We lost Grandma Eileen 2.  Trudy broke her back and we thought she might not recover 3.  We bought a house! 4.  We took some trips around Oregon 5.  I saw a Blackhawk helicopter for the first time 6.  My best girlfriend got married and I went back to Tucson 7.  I went on my first archaeological dig! 8.  I broke my hand :-( 9. I changed my hair color to red 10. The Spruce Goose model conducted her first/second taxi tests (8 years in the making!) 11. Hubby and I went to a sci-fi convention 12. I quit a job (the mansion), got a job (retail) and now am unemployed again... 13. Hubby and I officially got old. We stopped caring about what was new and what was popular. We were done replacing electronics just because something new came out. We didn't know a single artist on the Top-40 station anymore. We found ourselves saying "when we were young..." a…