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Hepcat Model: Motor Test (includes video)

Yesterday was a day of finishing touches. Before taking the Hepcat outside, I had to secure the battery and receiver inside with foam. We strapped on the wings using about 6 rubber bands and headed out!

It was too windy for an actual flight, so we had to settle for only testing the motor. It was probably a good thing in the end. The motor is brand new and will need some more run time in order to work properly. In the video you can hear how rough the motor sounds. 

Check out my red hair! Love, love, love!

We did learn something very important, we had a much too aggressive prop installed so when we returned to the model shop we installed a smaller one.

DIY: Easter Yarn Wreath

Pinterest has sucked away more hours of my life than I can count, but I have gotten so many amazing ideas for recipes and crafts that I can't complain! I am really enjoying these yarn wreaths. They are so easy to make and can be done while watching TV or while my husband plays video games. I don't have a lot of the fancy tools and machines that some of the ladies online have, so I could only rely upon two things: a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun. This wreath was for my friend Marlane and I think it turned out rather lovely. :-) 
                                My wreath                                                                     Inspiration Wreath

Hepcat Model: Complete!

The Hepcat is complete! Hallelujah! 
I finished up on the windshield edging and installed a safety switch on Friday. The switch is so that all the power can be shut off to the plane so that no one can accidentally (or intentionally) bump the controller and set the propeller in motion while you are working on the plane.
As long as the weather cooperates, she should have her first flight this Friday. I am not holding my breathe as the weather went from gorgeous to crappy in just 2 days...

DIY: Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers

I have a new obsession called Pinterest which I discovered when looking for do-it-yourself projects. I saw these wreaths on Etsy, as well, selling for anywhere between $30-$50 each. I decided to take a stab at trying one of my own. This one was for my sister's birthday, she chose the colors. Not bad for a first attempt!

Hepcat Model

The windshield turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. It took several days of work to finally finesse the plastic into the correct shape without bowing or contracting in the wrong spots. Once I dry-fit it with plastic tape, I used model airplane glue to attach it to the plane. I also put together the fuel tank, installed the engine, screwed on the muffler, attached the pushrods and hooked up the fuel tank to the engine. All that is left to be done is to get some striping tape from the automotive shop so I can outline the windshield to be more atheistically pleasing. I received my Academy of Model Aeronautics membership this morning so I should be ready to fly either this Friday or next!