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Mulder and Scully Garden Gnomes

My sister surprised me during our California vacation with an additional belated present for my birthday. Mulder and Scully gnomes for my garden!!!!  She purchased the plain, white gnomes off of the internet and hand-painted them to look just like my favorite FBI agents. Her attention to detail is unbelievable, she even got their eye color correct! My sis is seriously talented and I think she should open an Etsy store right now! Next on her list: Daenerys Targaryen and her 3 dragons
I don't have the desire to put Mulder and Scully outside yet, so I am proudly displaying them on our mantle so I can enjoy them.

I Want to Believe

The Truth is Out There

Roses in Spring Time

The previous owner of our home loved roses. I think we have about 12-15 different types around the yard. I seem to have every color possible, although not all of them have bloomed yet. The climbing roses seem to be doing the best. I spent extra time this season cutting them away from the fence and pruning off the dead branches. They have all really done impressively well so far!

Hepcat: First Flight (includes video)

The first flight of my Hepcat model happened on May 13, 2014 @ approximately 10:00 am on a sunny but windy Oregon morning. 
The flight took place despite several setbacks that morning. First and foremost, I hit a deer with Hubby's truck on the way to the field. The status of the deer is unknown, I couldn't find her afterwards but my speed was 45 mph, so I don't hold out much hope. Hubby's truck survived the ordeal well and no long term damage was done. Needless to say, kinda but a damper on my day. 
The plane was wrapped lovingly in an Arizona Wildcat blanket but it didn't survive the impact unscathed. The horizontal stabilizer snapped off. I was late getting to Cecil's house and the guys were already worried about my tardiness, having sent out people to look for me. We quickly glued the stabilizer back on and eventually all the modelers made it to the field, albeit later than expected.

California Vacation: Day 5 & 6

We started off Day 5 just like before, got some breakfast and coffee but had to leave the dogs behind. Ocean Beach doesn't allow dogs on the pier, which was our next stop. One interesting side note, we have never walked this much on a vacation, ever, not even in Vegas. In Vegas there is the ample parking, the monorail or cabs. In OB, you have only your legs to get you around because parking is a nightmare!

One legged seagull

Later in the afternoon we did take the dogs to Sunset Cliffs
Once the dogs were sufficiently tuckered out for the day, we had dinner with the Hudson Family at their house. The kids were a riot and really fun to be around. Liam enjoyed fighting with Uncle Matt and Magnus liked to jump off the table into our laps. Such a great family! Thanks B and C!

Magnus in his baptismal outfit, such a cutie!
Day 6 started and ended in the car. We left San Diego around 7:30 am and arrived back home at 1:30 am. 18 hours in the car y'all! Dogs did so much better than we di…

California Vacation: Day 4

First thing in the morning we walked down to Ocean Beach and got some coffee and enjoyed the view!

Trudy got around in her stroller mostly, we have been trying to prevent another back problem
But we did let her out every once in awhile to sniff stuff
Later in the afternoon, we met up with the Hudson Clan at the beach. The husbands went in the ocean while CH and I played with the kids.
Liam is 4 already and so talkative!!
Alex (Magnus) is almost 2 and absolutely precious!

B and Matt in the ocean
 Yoda was a hit with the kids :-)

California Vacation: Day 3

The next morning I met up with the family at the Black Bear Diner and had a small breakfast before hitting the road once again. This time we were heading even further south, towards San Diego to meet up with the Hudson Clan!
 My sis and Yoda @ Black Bear Diner, Bakersfield CA
Ocean Beach, San Diego CA
We rented a cottage in Ocean Beach and the pups were right at home!
My hubby :-)
Sunset at Wonderland Ocean Pub

California Vacation: Day 2

We stayed at the La Quinta Inn, which I highly recommend if you are traveling with dogs as they don't charge extra for the furry babies and it includes breakfast! My sister and her boyfriend, Morgan, came over to visit for a few hours and my sister did my hair for the wedding we were attending later in the day. I will try to track down some photos of my sister and I, as I know my Mom took a ton...
We napped most of the morning...
And my sister came over to visit, the pups haven't seen her in 3 years!
The wedding started at 6 PM, it was about 94 degrees outdoors
My Uncle Gary (left) married my Uncle Luke (right) after 34 years

The cake was amazing!