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Teeny Tiny Bedrooms: Closets

Hubs and I have a list of projects for the house so long that it is sometimes overwhelming! The list started out on the white board but got too long, so we transferred it to a piece of paper that hangs on the fridge. Each time we get something done, we mark it off and focus on the next project. The closets were Hubs' latest project. He completed the master bedroom closet about a month ago and finished the other closet a few days ago. Both of us purged our wardrobes and rid of ourselves of even more items that we didn't need anymore. Despite the reorganization we still have to co-exist using two separate closets. 
Master Bedroom Closet: BEFORE
Master Bedroom Closet: AFTER
Computer Room Closet: AFTER

Shen Yun

My boss invited me to attend a show with her last night in downtown Portland called Shen Yun. Promotionally it had been advertised all over TV for the past few months and while it looked interesting, I would never have attended on my own. When she invited me, however, I jumped at the chance. Shen Yun is a combination of ancient Chinese traditional and folk dancing, mixed with ballet, gymnastics and live orchestration. While there did seem to be an anti-communist and religious agenda involved, the costumes and production value of this show made it worth the 2.5 hour investment.

2015 NCAA Tournament

Aside from going to the Arizona vs. Oregon game back in October, Hubby and I haven't had much of a chance to do anything together since I started back to work. My job is demanding and I don't often have days on the weekend to go out and have a good time. That all changed today when Hubs and I went to the first round of the NCAA tournament in Portland @ the Moda Center. Our Arizona Wildcats trounced the Southern Texas Tigers 93-72! 
Great seats, great game, great man to spend it with!!

Spring Arrived Early this Year

The weather in OR has been unseasonably warm. We are expecting cooler temperatures and rain in the middle of the week but overall we have been hovering in the upper 60s. The daffodils and tulips are out a month early, the trees are budding and the deer are back! We have had more deer than ever before. This particular morning (pic below) there were 8 of them wandering through our yard!