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Resting Under an F-15

Despite the fact that I no longer work at Evergreen I still volunteer quite a bit. The other night we finally had a night flight in the Space Museum so I took the opportunity to rest somewhere unique -- under the F-15. It is nice & dark and blocks the overhead lights but it did cross my mind around 1:00 am that I was putting a lot of trust in the engineering and maintenance of said aircraft. :-)

Daffodils are Confused

It isn't Spring yet, but try telling that to my daffodils.

Teeny Tiny Kitchen: Moving Appliances

In preparation for the largest remodel to date -- the kitchen -- we are doing work in other areas of the house first which will hopefully make the kitchen remodel larger and more effective. 
The first thing we did is had the entire house replumbed! Our house was built in the 1970s and although we hadn't had any trouble with the galvanized pipe, it was time for it to go. The old galvanized was removed and the new PEX piping was installed in 2 days. Since the major repiping was taking place, we had the plumbers move the washer and dryer into the garage along with the water heater, and had them run the necessary water lines into the garage. Our house is only 900-1000 square feet and a good amount of square footage was being taken up by appliances that could be placed elsewhere. The plan is to utilize the former washer/dryer spot by placing the refrigerator and built-in cabinetry in its place. Where the water heater used to be, a new pantry will be built.
The area near the kitchen wh…

Crazy Dog Lady

I have known for quite a while that I treat my dogs too much like humans and less like dogs. Some of my friends even joke that I am a "crazy dog lady". I take it in stride because it was a conscience choice on my part and not an accident that I dote on them like I do. Truly in my mind it almost seems like common sense.
Problem: Trudy can't walk far
Solution: Get her a stroller

Problem: Lily is cold
Solution: Put her in a sweater

The most recent problem has been Trudy's arthritis. She goes through good days and bad days. The bad days usually consist of me carrying her around and taking her outside because her back legs don't work. The veterinarian has her on several medications, but even those can't keep up with her pain level sometimes. So what does one do when their puppy cannot walk and cannot take more meds? You hire a masseuse, of course!
Trudy had her first at-home massage last week and although she didn't quite know what to do at first, she quickly…