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My Birthday was Rad!

There are so many wonderful things about my birthday each year, I cannot adequately describe how much I look forward to it. Hubby always makes quite a production about it and it usually lasts several days. Plus, with all my clean eating lately due to my acid reflux little things like donuts and Taco Bell are more of a treat than they used to be. He knocked it out of the park this year with indoor skydiving! I enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks Hubs for another great year!!
Kristi's 37th Birthday Extravaganza
Thursday (My Actual Birthday):
Donuts for breakfast, Dinner at La Provence, Post Dinner Birthday Present, Cake

Homemade French Toast for breakfast, Indoor Skydiving at 9:30 am, Taco Bell Quesalupa for lunch, Eat more Cake, Watch "Zootopia" in the movie theatre and "Sisters" at home.

Easter Sunday:
Homemade French Toast for breakfast and a massage from the Hubs Man

Hubs Man

Model Group Luncheon

Winter time is notoriously difficult for Oregonians, the cold and the rain forces us all to hole up in our houses and disappear for 6+ months. Now the sun is out, the flowers are blooming and friends reassemble like no time has passed at all. I was lucky enough to join up with (most of the) model group from Evergreen for a relaxing lunch. Good times and many laughs!

Me and Matt's Best Friend, Bob

Silly Schnauzers and Churro

Now that I am home again full time it is easier to catch the dogs doing adorable things. Since Hubby's mom had a stroke back in October, we have been caring for her dog, Buni, full time until she is well enough to have her back. The first few weeks were tough, introducing a new dog into the fold always is, but Buni (or Churro, as we call her) has acclimated to our home really well. We have Lily to thank for that as she showed her the ropes, taught her what to do/when to do it, and plays with her.
Not staged, they all just got here on their own.
When I sit on the floor, Lily gets on the couch to see what I am doing.
Lily's newest toy, the octopus
Trudy sleeps anywhere and in any position she so chooses.
Churro is very sleepy and just a tiny bit cute. 
They rarely share the same bed, but there are rare exceptions.
My morning snuggle buddy!
Star Wars sweater friends
Piper finally made an appearance on abnormally warm day.
Look at these two idiots, I love them!
Lily does this eve…

Grandpa Phillips

We received sad news on Sunday that Hubby's grandpa passed away. Our prayers are with Grandma Mary right now as she suffers the loss of her lifelong partner and friend, I can only imagine how much she misses him after 64 years of marriage. Grandpa was awesome! He was strong and talented and had a green thumb like you wouldn't believe! Grandpa and Grandma have been our biggest supporters, always there for us when we needed them. He was a wonderful man and we will both miss him tremendously. Safe travels Grandpa!
Favorite Grandpa Story:
We were still living in Tucson the last time they visited and we had just moved into our first house together. Grandpa had just started to learn the violin and he had brought it with him and serenaded us in our living room with the song that he had been practicing -- "Amazing Grace". I remember being so moved by his performance and so impressed with his ability to learn at his "youthful" age. He taught me that day to always k…