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Toothless Trudy

Trudy had surgery yesterday, a precarious procedure considering her age and potential reactions to anesthesia, however she pulled through and is home resting. She is officially toothless now at 15 years 10 months old. The last of her teeth were removed yesterday for good reason (see below). After 6-7 years as a puppy mill dog there was nothing Hubs or I could do to replenish the calcium to her teeth. We brushed, we bought solution for her water, we sprayed her mouth with special solution -- nothing could fix the years of neglect (abuse) by another family. We hope that she will start feeling better soon and find that life isn't quite as painful as it was before. It seems right now that she might have perma-tongue!

Teeny Tiny Front Door: Trim

One of the projects for this year has been to work on the trim around the doors and windows of our teeny, tiny little cabin. This is for two reasons: first, Clara (the woman who previously lived and died in our house) had a dog named Lady Ruby who apparently did not like to be left alone and thus there are claw marks on almost all of the moldings around the windows and doors. Second, we don't trust the insulation/installation technique used by the previous owner(s). Honestly, for good reason. Every time we remove something or update something in this house we have found shoddy workmanship. The plumbing, electrical, exterior paint job, insulation -- all of it done by someone with inferior knowledge.
Our front door was no exception. It only took about $20 worth of supplies from Home Depot to make it right -- good thing I have a husband who is rockstar at handyman projects!
We haven't decided if we will keep the trim white or paint it a different color. I suppose it will all dep…