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Showing posts from July, 2016

Silly Schnauzers

This is so ridiculous and adorable!
Still wasn't sure after surgery if the tongue was going to be permanent...
But now we know that it is!
Trudy + bed + blanket = camouflage
Churro vs. Piper competing for sunshine, I'll let you guess who won. (Hint: it was Piper)
Still such a puppy despite her 11 years
Lily hiding in Churro's kennel because she hates when we use power tools

Happy 35th Birthday!

My Hubs Man turned 35 a week ago and he is more handsome now than the day I married him! Happy birthday to the hardest working, funniest, nerdiest and best doggie dad in the world. You are my better half in every way!

Trudy was having none of this beach trip!