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You take the Polish out of the name, but you can't take the Polish out of the girl!

So, I was riding my bike home yesterday like I do everyday, minding my own business. I picked up the mail from our mailbox and started to ride my bike into my front yard. Somewhere along the way the back tire slipped out from under me and me, my iPod and 20+ pounds of chemistry books took a dive right into the dirt. I was able to brace myself with my hand, so my head was safe (I was also wearing my helmet, I know...geeky), however my leg suffered some major damage. Luckily, books, bike and iPod made it through unscathed.

I now have an ever increasing bruise about 6 inches long and about 3 inches wide on my left lower leg. At first I was a total girl about it, but now I am being a total guy, hoping that it turns a dark purple-blue-black color. Cause really, if you are going to have a bruise, let it be a gnarly one that people can admire and stare at with amazement.

P.S. I would post pictures but our digital camera took a dump. When my Palm Pilot recharges I will try using that to…

Peta: Genius or Unhinged?

Matthew sent this to be today ( and I thought it was adorable, he thought they were crazy. You can decide for yourself. The nutshell of it is is that Peta is trying to save fish, so instead of calling them fish, they recommend calling them sea kittens. Who would want to hurt a sea kitten? Not me!
Here is one that I don't eat sea kittens!

Most Retarded Phone Call of the Day

I got the stupidest, honestly probably the most retarded phone call today and I just had to share it.

Me: "Hello?"
Girl: "Hello. Can I please speak to Mrs. Skibinski"
Me: "That is me."
Girl: "Hi, my name is ____ and I am a freshman at the U of A. I am calling today because we want to update our information so that you can still receive the parent's newsletter called The Pawprint. I see here that you live at ________. Is that correct?"
Me: "Yes."
Girl: "I also see that you have a student who attends the U of A. What grade is he/she in?"
Me: "I am the student."
Girl: "Oh I see, can I speak to your Mom? Is she home?"
Me: "No, I am thirty years old."
Girl: "Oh, (long pause) well than you obviously already know about our organization."
Me: "Yes."
Girl: "Would you be interested in donating money to our organization, it is 100% tax deductible?"
Me: "Umm, no …