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Little, Tiny, Baby Kittens

I had the opportunity to go over and meet the kittens at T & T's house this evening. Here are some photos to entice some of you to consider adopting one of these adorable babies...they really need good, loving homes! We are willing to drive them to you, no where is too far....

Black = Queen Latifah
Black w/white markings = Touchdown

Princess Leia

Princess Leia

Princess Leia

Little Jerry Seinfeld

Princess Leia

Princess Leia

Little Jerry Seinfeld

It would appear that the gray and white kittens are my favorite based on the amount of photos I have of them, but they were simply easier to work with. Queen Latifah had a bit of attitude and Touchdown is very squirmy.

Random Updates

Most of the time there is absolutely nothing going on in my life, or at least not enough to warrant a post. Enough smaller things have happened now that perhaps a small update is possible:

1. Shadow (Teresa and Tim's dog) has Pancreatitus. Teresa and I took her to the vet on Wednesday, apparently she ate something that didn't agree with her. It is our guess that someone threw something over the fence since their backyard is barren of dangerous items. She is on anti-nausea medication, antibiotics, and a special diet.

2. Teresa and Tim have four baby kittens at their house. Apparently a feral mama cat gave birth approximately 5 weeks ago at Tim's work. No one at the job site wants the cats around and were threatening to euthanize them, also the Humane Society won't take them at this time (but they are on the waiting list), in the meantime they reside at T & T's until someone can take them. If you know anyone who wants a cute baby kitten, let me know...

3. …

You Can't Turn Your Back on People in Need

If I have learned just one thing from my husband in the 4+ years we have been married, it is that you can't turn your back on people in need. It may be inconvenient at times, but helping someone when they need it most is what makes you a better human being.

Today I was driving home from school and noticed a homeless man, lying on the ground at a bus stop. There were two people with him but they seemed at a loss as to what to do, so I turned around and offered my assistance. Of the two men who were helping one was, himself, homeless (also a friend of the injured man), the other a concerned employee from across the street. 911 had been called twice, but there was no ambulance in sight. I immediately went to the truck, got as many napkins as I could find and my water bottle and gave them to the friend who wet them down and applied them to the injured man's forehead, arms and neck. We had no idea what was wrong with him, he was in and out of consciousness, when he was asked …

V.E.T.O Campaign

As I mentioned in my previous post, Wayne Allyn Root was the originator of the V.E.T.O campaign which I supported at the Gabby Giffords town hall meeting.

I send Mr. Root an email, letting him know about some of the comments and support I received at the meeting (along with a picture of the sign) and amazingly he responded.

His quick email said:

Thanks Kristi. I appreciate your kind words. Nice to know my idea is spreading.

I choose to believe that since his message was so short and not from the original email address I sent it to that maaaayyybbeee it was actually from him. None the less, someone responded to my email which is more than I can say for the John McCain presidential team last year.

2 of 2500

As I have mentioned a number of times here on my blog, I have been listening to radio talk show host Jerry Doyle whose views are typically independent of political affiliation. To be more specific, it matters not if you are a Democrat or Republican, if you are in public office and do something stupid or illegal he is going to call you out on it. I appreciate and support this point of view.

As a bi-product of listening to his show I am much more up to speed on what is happening in our country and specifically what our government is up to. I have to admit that much of it is startling. This new found knowledge has driven me to want to speak out. So, with supportive Hubby in tow we went to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' town hall meeting this past Tuesday evening. Sadly, we were unable to get in to actually see or speak to her, however, we were able to stand outside with our signs and talk to other supporters as well as opponents. Save for a few crazies who yelled at us, ever…