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Showing posts from November, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009

I just realized that I forgot to post these pictures from Oktoberfest at Mount Lemmon. T & T and Hubby and myself had a great time, ate some German food and drank some German beer.

iTunes 9.0.2 Stinks!!

This is a post for my computer buddies out there to let you know that I despise the new iTunes update and it has pretty much crippled my computer whilst still allowing it to be functional.

My problems include:
Deletes sound drivers every time I launch iTunes
Deletes wireless card drivers every time I launch iTunes and
my DVDR/CDR drive has ceased functioning

After only a few moments of research on the internet, the consensus is that this update is a dog and what makes the situation worse is that Apple hasn't formally commented on how horrible the situation is.

I have found a link for the the older version (8.2.1) and hopefully will be able to get some functionality back when I uninstall/reinstall this weekend.

Have any of you guys experienced any troubles?

Puppy Costumes 2009

Anyone who knows me knows that I am so cheap that I squeak. Prior to Halloween I refused to spend $10 per costume for the dogs, however, when they were 90% off, I reconsidered. I picked up these costumes, Lily is a rooster and Trudy is a ladybug, at Target for 99 cents each. An excellent deal and uncontrollable belly laughs...can't get much better!