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Liam's First Picture


I talked to Christine this evening and she has officially been released from the hospital however she has not returned home yet. Little Liam will be in the hospital at least until Sunday night, so in the meantime they have set Christine up with a complimentary room where she can relax and feed her son when he needs it. The doctor says Liam is reacting well to the medication and the extended stay is merely a precaution.

Special Delivery!

Liam Paul Hudson was born last night (7 days late) at 11:04pm. He is 8 lbs, 4 oz. 21 inches long. Both Christine and Liam are doing great.

Will update with more information when I get it!


Bruce called this evening with more information. Christine is doing great and is being released from the hospital tomorrow. Liam is also doing well but will probably be in the hospital until Friday or 10 days at the most. Unfortunately, he experienced a bowel movement while still in the womb and now has an infection which is being treated by an IV of antibiotics. Bruce said he is very cute but is having difficulty deciding who he looks like. Family is in town to help with the first couple of weeks and both Bruce and Christine are over the moon about their new baby boy!

Have You Seen My Country Lately?

Wednesday night Hubby and I attended the book signing of my favorite radio talk show host, Jerry Doyle. As mentioned before, Jerry also starred in one of our favorite television series of all time, Babylon 5, so this book signing was doubly awesome!

We arrived about 45 minutes early and secured a "gold ticket" which entitled us to get our book signed in the first wave of fans. I briefly got to speak to Jerry and Hubby shook his hand. Both of us were excited and happy that he was gracious and kind. All too often celebrities never live up to the expectations you create in your mind. For me, he exceeded them and more!

Conan O'Brien

The interwebs are all abuzz today as news that Jay Leno may replace Conan O'Brien in his current (10:30) time slot and may retake the title of The Tonight Show host.

Really? Are you serious? Leno, again? Give me a break!

Leno wasn't funny 5 years ago and he isn't funny now. Go ahead NBC, get rid of Conan and prepare for the backlash because Leno's old program was crappy, his current program stinks and so will his "new" one. Also, I beg you NBC executives please, please put more Dateline and repeats of Law & Order on to fill air time since you haven't beaten that horse to death!

Fear not Conan, I and millions of others will watch you no matter what time or network (Fox) you are on. NBC is in fourth place for a reason, they're idiots!

Winter Vacation

Winter vacation is ending much like it began, with me sick in bed.

Finals week I was sick with the stomach flu but made it through thanks to my doctor who graciously got me in his office on short notice and prescribed a cocktail of medications. I was well by Christmas and had very quiet and enjoyable holiday. A few days after Christmas we made the jaunt to Kingman for Grandma Eileen's 90th birthday. We stayed with Bruce and a very pregnant Christine for four days where Hubby came down with a terrible flu. He was so sick, in fact, that I drove the entire distance from Kingman to Tucson all by myself for the first time! As soon as we got home I began feeling the effects of his illness and for almost a week now I have been suffering from one of the worst flues I can remember. School starts in a little under a week and I did not achieve a fraction of the items on my to-do list. Oh well, I guess that is what Spring Break is for.

This picture was taken while driving through the Jos…

Final Grades

One of my professors screwed up hard and didn't post our grades until just a few days ago. I wanted to wait for all of the grades before I posted them here:

*drum roll*

Cultural Anthropology A
Linguistic Anthropology A
Ecology A
Organic Chemistry D

I finally have gotten my GPA above a 3.0!!! I have never been so happy to get a D in all my life, nor have I ever worked so hard. I am so relieved to be able to put organic chemistry behind me and focus on the classes that I am really excited about.

Spring semester classes include:

Cultural Astronomy
Biological Anthropology
Archaeological Analysis
Evolutionary Biology