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My Best Friend

I think it is a rare and wonderful thing when you meet people who you normally wouldn't and they become an intricate part of your life. When I went to work in the Archaeological Collections department at ASM, I met Mike, my boss.

Mike lived every moment of my crazy life of 2011 right along side me. He was supportive and understanding and was NEVER too busy to listen to my fears or my complaining. He brought me cookies, paid for my parking on occasion, and brought me books he thought I would like. He is the most genuine and kindest person I know. We still talk and email regularly and I am so blessed to call him my best friend. :)


Today was my first day volunteering at Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum and it was fantastic! I put in a volunteer application at the beginning of February, it took almost 8 weeks for everything to be finalized. I work as a docent in the "Space" portion of the museum. My specialty is manned space flight and I have been assigned a mentor until I have earned 50 hours of volunteer time, at which time I will be tested and than released on my own. 
I was given a vest which has certain required patches but also has room for personalization. I have already sewn on my Alan Shepard patch and attached my Apollo 11 ribbon but am really looking forward to putting all my other NASA patches on this week! I knew I collected these for years for a reason!

Mass Effect 3: Spoilers!!!

Seriously, Curtis and Tom, do not read this post if you haven't finished Mass Effect 3 yet!!!!!!
I am not a newbie when it comes to video games, like every other kid of the 80s and 90s, I was raised with gaming consoles and computer games. I am new, however, to the whole role-playing-shooter genre. I feel in love! Which is probably why my heart is broken over how Bioware decided to end the three part series. I invested approximately 100-120 hours in the three games, making decisions which I was led to believe would result in a different ending than my hubby or other gamers. In the final minutes of the game you are given 3 options, whichever one you choose will change the galaxy forever. But guess what, no matter what option you choose, it's the same ending! Are you kidding me? 100 hours of decision making and 3 different options at the end and THEY ALL END THE SAME WAY? If I had known that I would have traipsed through the galaxy killing everyone who ticked me off instead of bu…

Food Processor

After months of contemplation, Hubby and I decided to invest in a food processor. We weren't sure we would use it enough to warrant the expense and weren't sure the vegetarian thing was going to stick, but it appears fruits and veggies are here to stay. 
9 cup version made by KitchenAid 
When we got it home and cleaned it I took everything out the fridge to be diced, chopped, or sliced. Works like a dream! So impressed!

 Trudy was none to happy with the noise coming from the kitchen (hiding by the front door)
Hiding behind the television

Dorito Tacos

Okay, I will admit it...I was quickly and easily influenced by the delicious commercials on television to try the new Taco Bell Dorito Taco. As a vegetarian, it is hard to get to me to break my diet for anything but darn it, it looked so good! Well, Hubby and I both give this a resounding two thumbs down. Not all. It tasted nothing like Doritos and lacked flavor in every way. Not worth breaking the diet for.

Job Hunt

I graduated from college 10 months ago.

I still don't have a job.

I have filled out dozens of applications for both jobs within my career field and those that aren't.

I have applied all over the country.

I haven't even gotten an interview.

I am beginning to lose hope.

Sammie the Squirrel

Lily has a BFF, his name is Sammie and he is a most mischievous squirrel! Lily discovered him the day we moved in and has been obsessed with him ever since. She waits by the backdoor every morning at 8 am so she can go out and "play" with him. I am convinced that he recognizes this friendship too. He comes down to the deck and stares at her through the sliding glass door and he climbs down the tree and wiggles his tail in her face just so she will chase him. 
 Our little super hero!
Hubby witnessed Sammie take out the broken pot yesterday. I saw him push over the whole pot this morning. I have moved the pots down from the ledge, hoping he will leave them alone.
Caught on camera after the fact. Sammie is on the left-hand railing

Geriatric Trudy

On Wednesday morning (3/7/12) Trudy woke up all scrunched up in half, she had cried periodically throughout the night so I kept an eye on her. I went to the gym and when I came home she didn't bark. Now if you have met Trudy even once, you know that barking is her specialty. Instead she cried the loudest I have ever heard. So, I immediately became concerned. I requested Hubby to come home at lunch to take a look at her and he concurred that something was wrong. Our new vet fit us in at 4 that same afternoon and we discovered that Trudy has a degenerative disease of the spine which has caused the cartilage between the vertebrae to disappear. In addition, small sections of her spine are forming "bone bridges" between them, of which she had broken one. This was why she was crying and folded in half. She is now on muscle relaxers, painkillers, and Omega 3 tablets for her joints. Additionally, she goes in twice a week for laser therapy treatments to help the area heal.
The d…

Mass Effect 3

Hubby and I received our copy of Mass Effect 3 today, so goodbye spare time....hello X-Box 360!! We both play under different profiles so we have to take turns. I play during the day while he is at work and he plays from the time he gets home from work until bed time. Good thing we both love this game or it could be a marriage breaker. :)