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Piper Photoshoot

Piper has really been enjoying the sunshine the past few days so while she looked so adorable I snapped a few photos (and when I say a few photos, I mean dozens, my sis calls me the Kitty Paparazzi). It isn't very often she is so sweet and loving, so I take the moments when I get them.

I thought these were especially precious because she is sleeping on Lily's bone

Garden Success

I had the opportunity to work in the garden again this week so I decided to check on the status of my vegetables. After only 45 days I have success! I anticipate it will still be another month before harvesting but if everything grows I will have more food than we can eat. The lettuce and cilantro are also growing well but the cucumbers and tomatoes haven't made an appearance yet.
Red Bell Pepper

The Mighty Huntress

There are a million reasons why I think my husband is the best husband in the world. He added another reason to the list yesterday when we discovered that Lily had caught her first squirrel. I don't know the details, nor do I want to know, but what I can tell you is that Hubby took care of everything and saved me from the gruesome task of "the aftermath".
I will be honest and say that I can't look Lily in the eye for the time being and every time I hear a squirrel chitter in the trees I imagine it is calling out for its lost mate.

Garden: Update

All the folks at the museum told me that I would have no problem growing a garden, in fact they were right, the problem is keeping things from growing. I have to weed every week or two and bugs are taking a toll on my broccoli and lettuce but everything is growing quickly!
Before (beginning of May)
Now (middle of June)
A natural way to deter insects from tomato plants is to plant Marigolds around it. Who knew?

Silly Schnauzers (and Cat)

I know all my friends and family in Arizona will tell me shut up when I say that it has been in the 70s here in Oregon but the "kids" are really loving the sunshine and nice weather. :)
Trudy never sunbathed in Tucson but loves it here
Lily has taken a liking to waiting on the deck for the squirrels
There is a skylight in the master bedroom and Piper found the one afternoon beam of light
All stretched out on the couch in front of the living room window

Hudson Vacation: Final Day

The final day of the Hudson vacation ended up being the best! We decided to drive about two hours west towards Tillamook. On the way we stopped by the Tillamook Forest Center:

Honest to goodness, the Tillamook National Forest makes the rest of Oregon look like it is underachieving. I have never seen such beauty in all my life!

We also stopped by the Tillamook Cheese Factory:
Big disappointment, the factory was mostly closed but packed with visitors. We didn't stay long but we plan to go back on a non-holiday.

Finally we decided to eat lunch at the beach:
View from restaurant in Oceanside, Oregon
The Oregon beaches are so different from California
Uncle Matt decided to walk out into the ocean...
and Liam tried to follow.
Mom and Dad joined in too...
but not Auntie Kristi!
We thought for sure those were the rocks from Goonies, but we were wrong. They are further north in Astoria, Oregon. Maybe we can go on the next trip. Thanks Hudsons for a great visit!!