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House Hunters

Hubby and I have started house hunting for our first home. We are talking to lenders, doing research on mortgage programs, have a real estate agent and have already started looking at homes. It is simultaneously fun and terrifying! We have looked at two homes so far, both out in the country and with acreage. The first home was hands down the most disgusting house we have ever been inside of. It should be condemned and burned to the ground. The second, at less than 800 square feet, had potential but was far too small for our furry family. 

The highlight so far has been Gordy the goat. He lives at the first house and will need a home if it ever sells. I really want him to come live with us, so I am researching how to care for a goat. :-)


I walked into work this morning to see flowers set at the feet of our Neil Armstrong replica. Don't ever change Evergreen people, you are awesome!

Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

Hubby and I were at dinner last night when he broke the news to me that Neil Armstrong had passed away. My initial reaction was disbelief, I made him say it again because I swore I misunderstood, but than I was overcome by the overwhelming magnitude of this loss. Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, is gone. I just can't believe it...
Neil Armstrong: a redwood among mere sprouts

Spruce Goose: Kinney Family

I finally got around to digging my scanner out so I could scan this photo from the Kinney family vacation. It turned out so well!

I Met The Bloggess!!!!!

I don't know how many of you follow The Bloggess but she is one of the blogs I follow on a daily basis and frankly, she is hilarious! She recently wrote a book and is on tour to promote it. My wonderful hubby drove me out to Powell's Books and waited in line for 2.5 hours so I could get her autograph and my photo taken with her. 

Best. Day. Ever Me, Jenny Lawson, and Copernicus the Homicidal Monkey

Happy Birthday Lily!!

Lily celebrated her 8th birthday on August 8th. As you can see, she wasn't exactly patient when it came to her special treat. :-) You would never know she is as old as she is, except for maybe the occasional joint pain from chasing squirrels all day long.

Why the Olympics are Amazing

Each Olympics the committee invites five athletes to participate as wildcard entries, not because they have outstanding abilities or because they "qualified" but because they are underrepresented and are typically from less affluent countries.
Hamadou Issaka is a 35 year old man from Niger who only learned to row 3 months an old fishing boat. Today he finished dead last in his race to the applause, encouragement and standing ovation of all watching. He crossed the finish line almost 2 minutes after the gold medalist, exhausted but smiling.
This, my friends, is what makes the Olympics great! It isn't about your position on the podium or how many gold medals are dripping from your neck. It is about cheering on the underdog, it is about hope and encouragement, it is about supporting those less fortunate than ourselves and creating opportunities for Olympians of all countries! Bravo Mr. Issaka!