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Happy Birthday USMC!

Evergreen celebrated the 238th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps on Friday. Fun was had by all as we witnessed the passing of the cake (and tradition) from the oldest Marine born in 1930 to the youngest Marine who will enter boot camp in February. Poor kid was overwhelmed by all the attention and advice! 
Happy birthday and thank you to all past, present and future Marines! Oohrah!

Living History Week

This past week was Living History Week at Evergreen. This is the second annual event which brings high school students from around the Willamette Valley into the museum to listen to first-hand experiences of our veterans. The overarching theme this year was thanking our POWs, in particular we honored the survivors of the Bataan Death March, of which 16 were able to make the journey. It was a beautiful and memorable experience!

Hepcat Model

My Hepcat has made significant progress the past few weeks. The servos have been installed and this weekend we are picking up the push rods which need to be installed inside the fuselage before I can cover it. The pushrods will control the fuel and the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. I completed the tail section today by creating some racing strips. Looks pretty snazzy!

Job Hunting: Update

Good news since the last time I posted, I finally nailed down a seasonal job. Due to the "social networking clause" they made me sign I am not going to say where because I don't want to always have to put a disclaimer on my posts, but it is a basic retail job. I am already beginning to question the wisdom of a retail job during Christmas...
The better news, however, is that I am currently lining up to do some archaeology work in the Oregon and Washington areas. It will likely take place after the holidays and is not guaranteed to be very regular but just getting my foot in the door is a major accomplishment!