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DIY: Star Trek Mirror

I discovered a really cool blog the other day and got inspired to do some geeky do-it-yourself stuff around the house. I have had this mirror since I was a little girl but haven't been able to figure out what to do with it. It is missing the frame and isn't in the best of shape. 
I used some left over faux leather contact paper I had been using to line the kitchen shelves. I freehanded the image since my printer is currently out of order. Not a bad result, although if I decide to keep it, I might take my time and redo it with an actual stencil.

Emblem from Star Trek TNG

More Snow Pictures and Video

The snow is almost all melted, the half inch of rain in the past 24 hours has certainly helped it along. The excitement about the snow was almost palpable on Thursday, people were pumped. On Friday, everyone was outdoors playing in it! We even had neighbors over to our house to sled down our driveway. On Saturday most people were inside, exhausted from the previous days events. By Sunday, the reality of how much snow had fallen was setting in and people were beginning to realize that getting to work on Monday was going to be terrible. Sunday morning we were out bright and early trying to clear our driveway with a shovel and rake (we Arizonans lacked proper equipment) and soon the neighbors were joining us, trying to clear the private road we all use to travel out of the neighborhood. The major Portland roads were plowed but the side streets were still a mess and the Monday commute was epically slow. I guess we weren't the only ones who were unprepared!

My snowman -- about 4 feet …

Something You Don't See in Tucson

Snow is uncommon in the Portland area. We have seen it several times in the past few years but nothing beyond maybe half an inch. An arctic blast moved into the area yesterday and started bringing us some amazing snow! The snow is so soft, almost like powder, but not overly wet so we could stay out in it for awhile this afternoon.
1:00 pm yesterday afternoon
9:30 am this morning
3:00 pm today -- Our driveway!  Hubby had a snow day, couldn't get to work.
34 years of life and I had never done this before!