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Showing posts from April, 2015

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

A couple weeks back Hubs and I took a few hours out of our weekend to spend it outdoors. We have heard good things the past few years about the tulip festival in Woodburn, so we checked it out. The Wooden Shoe farm takes up 40 acres of land and each year they arrange the bulbs differently. I was most impressed with the Queen of the Night tulip as it is such a dark purple color it almost looks black. Spring time in Oregon is simply the best!

Organized Space, Organized Mind

Anyone who has known me for about 2 seconds knows that I love an organized space. Whether it is my home, my car or my work space, I need things to be in a certain place and I need to know that those items will be in that spot when I return to look for it. You can call this anal retentive or obsessive-compulsive, I don't mind. I am growing to embrace these strange ticks that I have! With this knowledge, you can imagine that the closet in our classroom at work looking like this darn near put me into a catatonic coma. I couldn't function, something had to be done! Over spring break I took the opportunity to organize and tada! Clean, organized and labeled. I feel better now. :-)