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Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center (ZWCC Sloth Sanctuary)

For Hubby's birthday I decided to surprise him with a visit to a sloth sanctuary right here in Oregon. For those of you who didn't know, sloths are Matt's favorite animal! ZWCC provides a safe environment for hundreds of sloths at their 100 acre home. On weekends they open this special place to the public for a fee. It is a fee well worth paying as all of the proceeds go to caring for these unique and endangered animals. The room we entered this afternoon had approximately 10 sloths inside varying in adult age (no babies). We fed them cucumber and pet them for about 40 minutes before our encounter was over. This sanctuary isn't just for sloths either, they also have rescued primates, wolves and cat-like carnivores. Very cool experience indeed!
Notice the wound on the sloth's hand... this little guy got in a fight over a female.
All the ladies begging for a snack
All the sloths woke up for an afternoon treat
Sweet boy who would also let you kiss him.

Such an amazin…

Cobra Helicopter Visit (includes video)

Hands-down one of the coolest things about working at the museum are the visits from our active duty military, especially the helicopter crews! I have now met Army Blackhawk, Coast Guard and Army Cobra crews. 4 Cobras landed at the museum on June 16 around lunch time. I was teaching  at the museum that day and took the opportunity to show my students what awesome American power looks like!

Camp Cascade

Most of the time I love my job! It is only when office politics, pettiness and LONG hours enter the picture that I absolutely despise it. I almost always enjoy going out on outreach, the kids are really fun, the teachers are very nice and people are appreciative of what I am trying to do. Thursday was one of those days. I went out to Camp Cascade, an outdoor summer school, about an hour and a half away from work in the middle of nowhere. No cell wif-fi...just us and the wilderness! Wonderful!