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A Moment of Sheer Panic

As I had stated before, the deadline for the scholarship was today...or at least that is what I thought. The deadline was actually yesterday. The good news is that my teacher and I realized this about 4 hours before it was due. So yesterday, after revisions had been made, I made a mad dash home, made the changes, and reprinted everything. It was turned in before the 5:00 deadline, but barely. I have talked to my teaches and they all believe that I have a very good chance of winning but I am keeping my expectations minimal. It is very likely that there are a number of stellar candidates for this scholarship and there are only two to give away. Hopefully at the end of the month I will have some good news!

Also in regards to Bruce and Christine's wedding -- all 1600 professional photos are now available online. I don't know if you have any desire to see 1600 pictures of people you don't know but many of them are absolutely beautiful.…

Trigonometry is the Devil's Math

So, I didn't get the pics of the wedding up yet...I suppose you already noticed that.

Well, I haven't been feeling well. I caught some sort of a head cold and somehow that was affecting my stomach and I have only eaten soup, rice, or bread for about five days. Today is the first day that I attempted anything more substancial, and so far so good.

School has been a nightmare. I still feel like I am catching up from the California trip...although I don't think I should be feeling that way by now. I have completed all the homework and labs I missed so I think my instructors are just cramming a lot more material into the end of the semester than I remember from my previous couple semesters. Usually by Halloween or Spring Break, depending on the semester, things are slowly winding down and the stress level decreases. Not this semester...boy o' boy! Over Veteran's Day weekend, on top of being sick, I worked from sun up until sun down (FOR FOUR DAYS) on nothing but h…