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Happy 30th Birthday!!

To My Gorgeous Husband -- Happy 30th Birthday!!! Welcome to the club, you are now one of us!!


At the beginning of the month I was promoted from repository duty to archaeological collections at the Arizona State Museum. Part of my new "job" is to reorganize the archaeological collection due to "The Great Move" which caused a tremendous amount of disruption and nothing is where it is supposed to be. Today I found a box of artifacts whose numbers were partially rubbed off, my job was to try to decipher the number and find its home. In an effort to help me, my boss gave me a giant magnifying microscope for my desk. This microscope is the very same one that sat on the desk of Emil Haury, a very famous archaeologist who worked at the U of A. Haury is a hugely prestigious figure among my co-workers and I am honored to have been bestowed such a relic!

Cutest Liam Moment

No one is quite sure where he learned it from, but the cutest Liam moment of our vacation had to be the above. Every time Liam would drop something on the floor, he would grab his face and say "UUHH-OOHH". It got to the point where he knew it was so cute that he would deliberately start throwing things just so we would laugh and cuddle him. Sneaky boy!
He is lucky he is so darn cute because his parting gift to me has been a week+ (longer than our actual visit, might I add) illness which has finally been diagnosed as a sinus infection paired with bronchitis. B and I have already worked out the bill, Liam will be mowing my lawn (when I get one) as soon as he is able. :)

San Diego 2011

A few weeks after graduation, Hubby and I went to San Diego to visit our good friends B, C, and l. Below are just a few shots we took while we were there. As usual, I was so focused on making sure we got hilarious Yoda shots (over at that I forgot to get ones with our friends.
The San Diego Museum of Man, located in Balboa Park

This one is for my hubby who has an interesting fascination with little people

Coronado Beach
I just can't get over the beach, it is so amazing and beautiful!
Photo Bomb
Liam and his Uncle Matt
Be forewarned: your kids aren't safe around us, especially if you are a Sun Devil! (not shown: Liam's second Arizona t-shirt in red)