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I Don't Like Youtube

I uploaded my videos to Youtube last night and the Burn Notice audio has been disabled due to copyright infringement (using song without permission). I am a little peeved. I logically understand the legalities of it all, but is there anywhere now a days where people with honest intentions can share their creativity with others?

Burn Notice Video

I have spent the past couple of weeks working on this Burn Notice video. I have a new Mac and wanted to see how the new iMovie worked. Overall, I am pretty pleased. iMovie is more limited than Pinnacle for Windows (but far superior to Windows Movie Maker) and hopefully in the future I can upgrade to Final Cut Express.

The song is "How We Roll" from the Fast Five soundtrack. I used Burn Notice clips from all seasons including the most recent ones (5x01-5x09), so if you aren't caught up on the show and don't want to be "spoiled", I would wait.
Also, I will be starting my own Youtube channel in the next couple of weeks, which will host all my music videos. I will post the link here when it is done!

Birthday Girls

Our two pups have birthdays within 2 weeks of each other. Since we were home (and not on vacation) for both birthdays this year, we decided to celebrate! Peanut Butter Frosty Paws was the dessert of choice.
Trudy turned 11 on July 26th
Lily turned 7 on August 8th

1 Year Vegetarian

As many of you already know I suffer from an affliction called Diverticulitis. This ailment forces me to be on a fairly strict diet. It also causes me to think about everything I eat and pay attention to how it makes me feel. Most of the time I won't know how a food will affect me until after I have already eaten it. Over a year ago this led me to cut red meat from my diet. Exactly a year ago I cut all meat from my diet. The first couple of months were a little rough, but I cannot express how happy I am to not eat meat! Don't get me wrong, after 31 years of being a carnivore there are times where I want/desire/stare longingly at a chicken finger or hamburger, but my body has responded positively to this new dietary lifestyle and I feel so much better! In addition, my reasons for vegetarianism have shifted over the year from a healthy choice to a moral one.
Next on the list to cut: bleached white flour high fructose corn syrup palm oil