1 Year Vegetarian

As many of you already know I suffer from an affliction called Diverticulitis. This ailment forces me to be on a fairly strict diet. It also causes me to think about everything I eat and pay attention to how it makes me feel. Most of the time I won't know how a food will affect me until after I have already eaten it. Over a year ago this led me to cut red meat from my diet. Exactly a year ago I cut all meat from my diet. The first couple of months were a little rough, but I cannot express how happy I am to not eat meat! Don't get me wrong, after 31 years of being a carnivore there are times where I want/desire/stare longingly at a chicken finger or hamburger, but my body has responded positively to this new dietary lifestyle and I feel so much better! In addition, my reasons for vegetarianism have shifted over the year from a healthy choice to a moral one.

Next on the list to cut:
bleached white flour
high fructose corn syrup
palm oil