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Trudy Relapse

It has been another difficult week since Trudy presented with back problems again. She is on 6 medications with limited success. We are working closely with the veterinarian, trying not to give her too much but just enough to make her comfortable. Last night was the first full night of sleep in a week. I feel so much better but won't rest easily until she is feeling herself again.

WW II Veteran and Colleague

Today I attended the funeral of a man who was part of the Greatest Generation. Although I haven't been at the museum long, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with this hero the Monday before he died. There are few things more moving than TAPS and the three-volley salute.

Gurney Allen Pyne, Jr. 1924 – 2012 Services for Gurney Allen Pyne, Jr. of McMinnville will be held at 11:00 AM Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at the Tigard Church of God, 15670 SW 98th. He will be buried at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland. Viewing will be Mon, April 16th and Tues, April 17th from 4:00-7:00 pm at Chapel of Macy and Son.

Gurney Allen was born June 28, 1924 in Eden, Idaho to Gurney Allen Pyne, Sr and Margaret Lucille (Foote) Pyne. He grew up in Southern Idaho. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1943 and bravely and proudly served his country for four years during WWII.
In 1945 he married Marion McDowell and they had one son, Larry in 1947. They later divorced.
On June 18, 1955 he married Gladys King in …

So This Happened Yesterday

Around lunch time at the museum I was manning the front desk when I heard a helicopter. It seemed so close that I looked outside and saw the landscapers being whipped around in a fury. It was very close! I couldn't believe my eyes as a Blackhawk helicopter descended and landed right next to the space museum. I later found out that our museum is along the Army's training path and the flight crew stops in for lunch from time to time. Unreal!

A Walk in the Park

Beautiful days are here again, so the Phillips tribe wandered outdoors for a walk to Cook Park.

Our neighbor's Rhododendron -- which I want to plant in our yard now.
The Quello House, a historic home build in 1906
 Next to the park
Cook Park Picnic Area
Very strange tree...
So green!
The Tualatin River (0.5 miles from our house)
 Tremendous color everywhere, I can't get over it!

Model Shop

The museum I volunteer at has a model shop where a group of "little old men" get together every Friday to put airplanes together and fly them. I was invited by one of them to join, so yesterday I showed up to check it out. I brought along a few of my plastic models, although their specialty is building them from wood. They were very kind and quite gracious with their knowledge and were more than willing to provide some counter space for me to start my own project. They said if I like it, I can help put together some of their models too. 
Completed static model of the Spruce Goose

Remote controlled version of the Spruce Goose set to fly at the end of May


Geese are some of the new wildlife that we are getting accustomed to. They are quite noisy and  common in our neighborhood. These geese, which reside between my gym and the Starbucks, have a very "we do what we want" attitude and are known to stop traffic for minutes at a time to cross the road. I am still amazed at how much thought goes into the landscaping around here! This roadside green space is nicer than some parks in Tucson.

Are You Serious Oregon?

The past four days have been absolutely amazing in Portland! The temps have been in the 60s and 70s, the wind mild and the sun shining. We have spent much time outdoors and the museum has been hoppin'. Spring is here, at least for now, it is expected to cool back down later this week.
All of these pictures were taken less than a mile away from our house. Can you believe it? So much life!

Tigard and Lake Oswego are full of "green spaces". Areas where you can relax, eat lunch and enjoy the outdoors.

Docent Vest

I finally finished putting patches on my vest for the space museum. It took a couple of weeks because I don't know how to sew very well and my fingers hurt. I realized after I had started that the patches weren't on exactly centered or straight but I put in so much effort that I can live with the outcome. :)

We are allowed to customize our vests a little, so I added my X-Files, Apple, UA, American flag and September 11 pins. I put the Alan Shepard patch on the front because he is my favorite astronaut and the Apollo 11 ribbon because it is so unique!

Powell's Books

Hubby finally got a weekend off, so in celebration we took a trip to downtown Portland and checked out the largest bookstore in the world, Powell's Books. It is 68,000 square feet, contains over 1 million volumes and takes up a city block. Amazing!

 They have so many books they expanded to a building across the street...
which now houses the manned space flight books, my favorite!!