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Hepcat Model

I have made some progress on my Hepcat remote controlled airplane model:

Underside of the wing There will be a white stripe between the red and blue parts
I made this "decal" from scratch using 3 layers of monokote. It will go on the top of the wing once it is covered!

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all of you beautiful Moms out there a very happy, belated Mother's Day!
A Mother's Day gift from my girls
My very first flower basket!

House Hunters: Part VII - Buying a House

In the midst of the chaos regarding Trudy, Hubby and I put an offer in on a house. This is the fourth offer we have submitted in the past year. Needless to say we didn't hold out much hope. This offer was countered by the seller, and we agreed to the new offer, which was a good thing because two other families wanted to put in an offer if ours fell through. So, we put the necessary money into escrow this week and the inspection process begins next week. This property requires a septic, well and traditional home inspection. If all of that turns out satisfactorily, than the process will continue until next month with a closing date of June 21st. While I think that this is outstanding and exciting, Hubby and I agree that with all that is happening with Trudy it has tempered our enthusiasm a little. On that same note, however, it also hasn't stressed us out the way it might have if it weren't for Trudy.

House Stats: 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 1000 square feet 1 car garage with shop 1.02 a…

Trudy: Back to the Vet -- Again

While I recognize that veterinary medicine is a challenge due to many factors, most of all -- your patients cannot speak -- I am finding it difficult today reconciling why we cannot find a cocktail of approaches which will help Trudy. 
For every good day we have, we have 5 bad days.
I haven't slept in two days, neither has Hubby. Trudy screams (no exaggeration) at least 3-4 times a night for the past few days and at least that many times during the day. The heating pad no longer provides comfort and when she has an episode she has taken to biting us. I think this is the hardest part. We treat our animals like they are our children, but I realized today that she is -- in fact -- an animal who acts on instinct and lashes out at any other animal or human in her attempt to flee pain. It is absolutely the most heartbreaking situation I have encountered. 
I cannot comfort her, I cannot hold her, I cannot kiss her head. I am her "mother", yet I am not because she is a dog, but…

Wilderness Weekend

I had last weekend off, so Hubby and I decided to get our portly dogs out for some exercise and sunshine. Trudy is on a new pill which seems to be working well for her and exercise is supposed to help keep her mobile. We didn't attempt anything strenuous, just some easy to moderate walking/hiking.
Mount Hood from Pittock Mansion
Downtown Portland from the Pittock Mansion
Edward Grenfell County Park in McMinnville, OR
Lily ran straight for the creek with no apprehension!

Trudy was uninterested in the water

Trudy: Back to the Vet

You might remember that Trudy hurt her back again back in March on my birthday. We have since massaged, heated, cooled, kenneled, comforted and lost sleep trying to get her back to normal. It didn't work, so after 30+ days of constant attention and love, I am taking her back to the vet for medical intervention. Everyone has their breaking point and Hubby and I reached ours today. Hopefully the vet will have medications/suggestions on how to get her back on the road to recovery. Poor thing has been through a lot, I just want her to not hurt all the time.
Can you see the hunched back?