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Portland Spirit Dinner Cruise

Hubby's company celebrates 50 years of business this year. In honor of the occasion, the company chartered a dinner cruise along the Willamette River for its employees and their spouses. We had a really nice time! Good food, good conversation, beautiful scenery! I usually don't like boats or deep water (and add sea sickness to the mix) but the Portland Spirit was a smooth and luxurious ride.

Can we just all agree that my husband just gets more handsome every single day? I mean, seriously, look at him! I am loving the beard!

Canterbury Renaissance Faire

I convinced Hubby to take me out to my first Renaissance fair a few weeks ago in Silverton, OR. The day was beautiful and the temperature was just right! I wish I could say that I had a great time but I just found the whole experience to be...well...weird. I can't really explain it any other way. The venue was strange (not their normal location), the people were odd, and it had more of a swap meet vibe than a fair or festival. I am not against attending a different one in the future, but I think I will stick to comic book/sci-fi conventions, that's the kind of weird I understand!

Happy Birthday Trudy!

Trudy celebrated her "Sweet" 16th Birthday on July 26th. Getting her to this ripe old age has been a true labor of love and one that we continue to arduously pursue each day. She was diagnosed just a few weeks ago with doggie dementia. Just like with humans, our medical interference has allowed her body to grow old beyond its expectations but we are now seeing the consequences with her mind. She is on a special dementia medication that works about 50% of the time in dogs. Our vet (and probably everyone else in our lives) thinks we are nuts but she deserves every chance for a happy and healthy life! We love you T-Bear!
For those curious what doggie dementia looks like: Getting lost in the yard or in the house, can't find their way around familiar furniturePacing and wondering, starring at random spots for long periods of timeSleeps heavily during the day and paces at night (Sundown syndrome)Easily startled, scared and shaky, does not recognize familiar people or petsPotti…

Apple's are Expensive!

My absence from the blog-o-sphere was not of my own making, unfortunately my computer video card decided to give up the ghost and I was computer-less for over 2 weeks. Luckily after talking to Apple and working with the repair shop, we were able to get a $700 repair free of charge. The video card was a known issue and although just a few months out of warranty, Apple did the right thing and covered the repair. Huge thanks to Apple and PowerMax!
You should see several blog posts here shortly!